If your house is starting to sink at one end or you see your floors sagging, then you have foundation problems. Foundation Repair Companies San Antonio may help. Before house leveling can be done, other foundation problems such as poor drainage, structural damage, foundation erosion, or plumbing leaks must be addressed first.

Choosing the best House Leveling Texas professionals can be daunting. Do a simple search over the Internet and you will be given a long list of companies that can help you. Below are some of the things you need to consider when looking for the best among foundation repair companies in San Antonio:

Experience and Years in Business

When looking for professionals to fix your foundation, it is crucial to check how long they have been providing such services. Check the history of the company since some may say that they have been in the business for 50 years but what they did not tell you is that they were just purchased and under a new management.

House Leveling Texas: Tips When Choosing Foundation Repair Companies In San Antonio


A foundation repair company should be properly covered. Before hiring them, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. This way, you are covered in case something happens while they are repairing your property.

Methods and Systems

Different strokes for different folks. This cliche is also true for house leveling Texas. There are various methods that can be used to repair foundations. Before signing any contract or job order, discuss the methods that will be used by the foundation repair company and ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of their system in relation to the condition under your house.


After the house leveling job and foundation repairs have been done, it will be about the warranty foundation repair companies San Antonio will provide. Of course, you are hoping that they will honor this warranty when the need arises. The real test for such companies is going back to your home and repairing what needs to be repaired without getting paid. You can ask the company for references to check if they take care of their customers well.

Pricing and Benefits

Do not grab the first company you come across with. Just like when buying things, you shop for the best deal possible. The most expensive or the cheapest deals are not always the best. You have to weigh in the benefits and how it can help you restore your foundation so your house will be safe and valuable.

Trade Association

You want to transact with a business that is recognized by its peers as one of the best in the industry. Foundation repair companies in San Antonio follow a certain set of standards and code of ethics so consumers are served well and protected from any scammers. Membership to any trade association somehow lets you know that the company is in good standing and has been consistently providing quality house leveling Texas.


Of all the things listed here, this is the most important. Look for reviews about the company you are about to deal with. You can also ask family or friends who might have hired it before. Of course, the Better Business Bureau will have a list of companies who have been providing excellent service and which ones have been getting tons of complaints.

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