Women can be surprisingly difficult to shop for. Even women who proclaim to be happy to receive anything likely have their preferences. Women who love shopping often prefer to choose things for themselves. It is, unfortunately, not as simple as buying clothes for a fashion fiend or buying a book for a book worm. Here are some ideas to set you on the right track.

The 5 Best Gifts For Her This Christmas

A Household Item, Presented Properly

It is tempting for a man to default to purchasing a needed household item or to present a necessary repair as a gift. While these things are hugely appreciated, they are not in the spirit of the season. Everyone has heard about a husband who bought his wife a new vacuum and didn’t understand why his wife was upset. You can avoid a similar situation by choosing an item that is in line with something that your girlfriend or wife already enjoys doing. If she likes cooking, consider getting her a crock pot or a fancy standing mixer. If she has expressed interest in a deluxe coffee, espresso and latte maker, one of those would also be acceptable.


Ask her friends if your partner has expressed interest in redecorating. If she has mentioned specific art pieces or artists, do an online search for a framed or wood-mounted print in your price range. Taste in art is highly subjective, but if you are able to give her something that she already wants. She will be happy to hang it up.

A Well-Chosen Book

If an author she likes has recently released a new book, get her the hardcover version of it. Book lovers are savvy to release schedules; they know that cheap paperbacks are released a few months after the initial hardcover comes out. By giving her the book now, you would be giving her the opportunity to read the book before she thought she would be able to. Write a nice message to her inside the cover for a personalized touch.

Gift Cards

There are ways to give someone a gift card without making it seem like the gift was an afterthought. If your girlfriend or wife stops at the same coffee shop every morning before work, buy the gift card there. You could also get her a gift card to her favorite brunch or wine night restaurants. For these gifts, the key is choosing a card for a place that she will visit alone or with her friends. Buying a dinner card for your own favorite restaurant won’t make her feel special, especially since she will be sharing the gift with the person who bought it.

Unromantic Jewelry

Christmastime proposals are clichéd, but also oddly expected. Avoid this emotional minefield by giving her a piece of jewelry that is androgynous and edgy. Moonglow Jewelry makes rings with miniature moons and zodiac imagery on them. Luna Rayne’s pieces are more feminine, with pastel-colored stones and swirls of sterling silver.

We are always told that the thought is what counts. Show your partner how much you care about her by choosing one of these thoughtful gifts.