If you need a little help with cleaning more efficiently, you may be surprised at the number of ways there are to assist. Read on for a few simple tips and tricks that will save both time and money.

5 Simple Things That Can Make Cleaning At Home A Little Easier

Task Cleaning

The cleaning pros define ways of cleaning as “zone cleaning,” completing all tasks in a single room, and “task cleaning,” which involves completing one task at a time throughout. Professional cleaners keep moving and complete an entire task at a time, such as dusting the entire home. This method keeps you from getting stuck and spending too much time in one area or room.


Start with dry-dusting everything from top to bottom. This method is faster than using any wet products. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints. Make sure to dust the very top of furniture. Dust collects up there and falls off onto everything else, so if you get rid of it, there’s less fallout next time.


Start at the strategic point you have determined and vacuum your way throughout the house. Get it all done. Then, if you need to hand vacuum any little messes, go back and do that. Remember, you don’t have to sweep every little spot, every time. What you missed this week, you’ll get next week.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Spray your cleaner on all surfaces necessary. These may include areas such as the sinks, microwave, appliance doors, tub, and toilet. Return to these regions. Wipe down surfaces, scrub and clean out the inside of the microwave. Try to use one multipurpose cleaner, or just a couple different kinds, so you don’t have to keep switching for each task and area.

Use a Water Softener

Something as simple as using a water softener from Johnson Water Conditioning may prevent multiple problems in your home. From bothersome scale build-up on your fixtures to having to descale calcifications in your appliances that use water, just solving the hard water problem saves you a lot of cleaning time. Soft water can make detergents, shampoos, and cleaning agents work better, so you can use less of them and benefit by having cleaner and brighter results.

Everyone likes a clean house. Cleaning more efficiently saves you time. By using some of the information above, you can get back to doing things you want to do.