The human love affair with mirrored glass has been ongoing since it first was created back in 1835 and it goes without saying that mirrors have a magical way of making the humblest individual find their narcissistic side. From an interior design point of view a mirror has multiple benefits, not least because of its ability to create the illusion of a far larger room by flooding it with reflected light. However, we have come to appreciate that a well placed mirror can literally transform a room into a pretty yet practical, utilitarian space, and so why not consider the mother of all mirror options – the floor to ceiling mirror? Here are four ways to work wonders in your home with a full length mirror.

Looking Good

Ok, so the one room where you are undoubtedly going to want to check your reflection is your dressing room. If you are fortunate enough to have a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet, then why not use mirror tiles to transform your wardrobe doors and create a glamorous art Deco style space in which to get dressed? Or alternatively, if your bedroom doubles as a dressing room, opt for this full length mirrored wardrobe with sliding doors for space saving effortless chic.

The 4 Best Rooms For Floor To Ceiling Mirrors

Perfectly Poised

Aside from admiring your outfit in the mirror when trying on clothes, there are many legitimate reasons for wanting to check your reflection. Those who work out regularly in a home gym or converted garage dance studio will benefit from floor to ceiling mirrors so that they can check their positioning, poise and posture to make their exercise more effective. A floor to ceiling mirror allows you to see yourself from all angles and identify bad form or poor posture as well as making your workout space look twice its size.

Bathroom Beauty

Another room that simply must have a mirror is the bathroom, and we simply love this art Deco inspired styling. A unique take on a floor to ceiling mirror, this antique mirror tiled wall adds sparkle and interest whilst beautifully illuminating the bathroom.

The 4 Best Rooms For Floor To Ceiling Mirrors

Delectable Dining

With a large table and several chairs to accommodate, the dining area can be one room that struggles with the most space, but a floor to ceiling mirror can change all that in an instant. Whether you have a cozy two up two down terrace or a sprawling open plan apartment, an oversized mirror will add drama and depth to any dining room.

The 4 Best Rooms For Floor To Ceiling Mirrors