Family law with in the UK is divided into three separate categories, those that cover family and relationship issues, property issues and the rights and wellbeing of children. Therefore, family law is incredibly varied and is aimed at supporting and helping the entire family in times of crisis. Most individuals turn to family law when there has been a family breakdown, a conflict of interest due to parental rights and ownership of property. Below we explain in more detail about family law and will look at these three separate areas in more detail.

What Is Family Law?

What is involved?

As already mentioned, family law is incredibly complex and covers all aspects of family life. Most disputes within family law that reach crisis point are to do with the breakdown of a marriage or long standing relationship where children are involved. A huge part of family law is that of helping partners to divorce amicably and as painlessly as possible, especially if there are children. As a result of this, child support, child visitation rights and division of the parental property are also important aspects of family law.

Family law and preventing abuse

It is a sad fact that family law also deals with the tough issues of abuse and domestic violence, both adult and child related. This covers both physical and emotional abuse. Domestic abuse is a huge part of abuse cases within family law cases. It is the responsibility of the law to keep the abused individual safe and free from harm.

Family and relationships

Family law covers the following family and relationship issues.

  • Civil marriage
  • Civil partnerships
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Annulment

Family law can help assist individuals with all of the above matters. They will try to make the process for separation and divorce as painless as possible.

Property is a large part of family law, int terms of property settlement following a separation or divorce. When a decision cannot be made amicably between two individuals with regards to the division of property, then the law has to step in, so as to assist with the decision-making process. Attribution and settlement of property is also a part of family law when a person has died.


The following issues regarding children are a huge segment of family law.

  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Child abuse
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation rights
  • Child support

At all times the court will rule in the best interest of the child and to keep the child safe and well. Their health and wellbeing are paramount during the decision-making process.

Family mediation

One of the huge roles within family law today is that of family mediation. Family mediation is often a step that is required prior to going to court and is often a mandatory requirement made by the court for all concerned individuals. Family mediation involves a trained and unbiased family mediation counsellor sitting with individuals, so that they can talk through their problems and differences in a safe, controlled and non-judgmental environment. This is with the hope that all differences of opinion can be heard and a decision made, without he need to go to court.

Family law is incredibly complex and covers all aspects of family life, from marriage, parenting and divorce. At the heart of family law is the need to protect all individuals and to resolve all matters quickly, efficiently and without causing harm or distress.

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