In our current age of technological innovations, digitization is taking away the need for several jobs in the industry. In the quest for getting a hefty paycheck, we all know some positions which are bound to give you a larger than normal bank balance. But there are certain jobs which offer a salary which is much higher than what is expected. For people who are looking to pick up a career in way of the road less traveled and still make a brawny bank balance. Have a read on the some surprisingly high paying jobs.

  • Nurse Midwife: For candidates who are in doubt of clearing NEET 2018 and still have a dire need to be in the medical field can look up to be a Nurse Midwife. They are working in the OB/GYN healthcare for women and are mostly involved in a females living before, during and after childbirth.
  • Air traffic controller: Being responsible for directing the flow of commercial flights, they are required to authorize and regulate how flights propagate in the vicinity of an airport. Being a strictly wary job, air traffic controllers need to take account of a lot of factors to ensure a stress-free flow of air traffic in the global air traffic system.
  • Funeral Service Manager: Being a place that nobody really wants to be a frequent visitor to, a funeral home’s operations are overlooked by a Funeral Service Manager. Planning, coordinating several memorial services and sale of the funeral home items like caskets come under the duties of a Funeral Service Manager.
  • Astronomer: There’s a lot more to astronomers than just gazing at the stars. Astronomers have a background in physics or mathematics. The renowned astronomers have their PhDs in physics, astronomy or astrophysics work in the research department of high-level universities.

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