Setting up an office is more than just connecting the internet and making sure there is a desk and chair in place. It’s about the small items that are needed during the day as well while you’re working. You can get most of the items that you need from an office supply Portland store as well as other stores online and in other areas in the country. It’s best to make a list of the items that you need before making your¬†purchase so that you don’t forget anything. You also need to determine the sizes of the items that you need, such as the size of paper for the copy machine and printer or the size of paper clips that are needed to keep documents together.

Try to get items for the office when they are on sale. The best time to get the smaller supplies is before school starts. You can stock up on everything from pencils to notebooks at a discounted price, keeping them in a cabinet or closet until they are needed. After you get all of the items that are needed for typing, printing and filing, you can start to organize your office in a way that makes sense and that is best for everyone else who works with you.

Before adding anything new, you need to get rid of the things that you no longer need. This includes papers that are older that can be transferred to digital files, electronics that don’t work and furniture that isn’t comfortable or that isn’t used. The office should be an environment that is comfortable so that you want to get work done. If it’s an area where you’re always trying to move around because you can’t find a place to sit or where you need to find a place to see better, then you need to make changes. Collect the items that aren’t where they are supposed to be, and put them in containers, cabinets or boxes so that they are easy to reach and organized in a fashion that you will understand. Labels can make it easy to keep track of where things are in the office along with a color-coded system.