Indian Pet Care Industry is quite big, with a growth rate of 2nd fastest in the world. But still, it lacks high-quality pet products. Finally, a Sense of Relief is Given by “ Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd “ and Launched/Imported Some very high-quality organic Supplements and Medicines in India and can be purchased online by

Here are a few of them :

1. Folrex

Folrex Pets Syrup is a Supplement for Joint Care and Cure in Dogs and Cats. It Contains Joint Salts in Natural Form along with Arginine, Folic Acid, Sodium Benzoate etc.

It’s 100 % Organic/Natural which means it will Deliver  Good results Only without any Side-effects.

2. Cosequin Taste HA

Imported Supplement of Bioiberica – World’s renowned Petcare Company. It aims at Curing Joint Problems Like Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Hips Dysplasia in Dogs and Cats etc

Best Thing in it is that it’s having 100% Pure Glucosamine HCI and 99% Pure Chondroitin Sulphate. Apart from this, it has Patent “ Hyal – Joint DS “ which quickly forms the Cartilage – Waxy Substance between Joints. Apart from this, it has Magnesium, Vitamin – E and Vitamin –D  also. Buy Cosequin Online in India from

We have seen cases of HD where Dog Can not even stand gets 90 % Cured with this Supplement.

3. Viusid

[Viusid Pets Syrup] by Vivaldis is most Sophisticated Supplement in Premium category for Improving Dogs and Cat’s Immunity. It can be Given as Preventive Syrup to keep Diseases away from your Pet Or Can be given during any Treatment to Get your Pet Well Soon It has Huge Oxygen Radical  Absorbance Capacity and Made by Catalysis. 150 Ml Viusid Provides Antioxidants Equal to  50 Kg Pomegranate Juice OR 50 Kg Blueberries Juice OR 735 Dozens of Banana OR 150 Kg Lemons etc. You can Say Its Sanjeevani for All Dogs and Cats – Puppies, Adult or Senior/Old Age Dogs and Cats.

In India, Viusid Pets Syrup is Sold Online by

It is 100 % Organic/Natural which means it will Deliver  Good results Only without any Side-effects.

4. Kalsis

[Kalsis Pets Syrup] leads to absorption of Calcium in Bones. Complementary Supplement for Osteopenia, Osteoarthrosis and to consolidate fractures. It fixes Calcium in the bones and promotes bone healing.

Kalsis is  100 % Organic/Natural which means it will Deliver  Good results Only without any Side-effects.

Natural Dewormer :

5. En-Dewor – Natural Deworming Supplement for Dogs and cats

You Remember Earlier we Give “ Febantel “ Salt to Pets for Deworming, Then  “Praziquantel“ and Now Combination of Both. Why We have to Do it. Its Because Worms Starts Developing Resistance against a particular Salt or Medicine. In Coming Time even Combination of Febantel and Praziquantel will also Also Fail. So Should Give Natural Dewormer to Pets. Another Plus Point is this that it is not Harsh on Pet’s Liver and Stomach like Salt based De-Wormers.

6. Relaxzyme Tablets for Pets  

These are Natural Enzyme-Based Supplement that aims at Healing Internal injuries.

7. Secure Tablets for Pets

Vivaldis Secure is a Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics. It helps in Improving Digestion with the additional help of Pepain present in it along with improving Immunity. It helps in Controlling Loose Motions/ Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats.

8. Emepet Spray 

It’s a Unique product from Vivaldis that Stops Dog and cat’s Vomiting Instantly. Just give 3-4 Sprays on your Pet’s Tongue, it gets absorbed Quickly and within a matter of few seconds Vomit will stop.  

9. Renalof

[Renalof Pets Syrup] Contains Special strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus combined with selenium. It is Useful in Kidney stones/ Urinary Tract Stones of Calcium Oxalate in Pets.

Helps in rapid elimination of small and medium-sized urethral calculi. Relieves pain associated with urinary stones.

10. Ocoxin

Ocoxin Pets Syrup is for Curing Cancer/Tumors in Pets. It minimizes the side effects of chemotherapy, after surgery it prevents relapses and improves the quality of life.It Provides complete nutrition in Cancer patients.