The Indian summers are notoriously known for being dreadful. Sure, it is the season of ice cream and watermelon but they hardly put down the oppressive heat that one has to suffer through. After a long and tiring day at work in the sweltering temperatures, everyone looks forward to a long and relaxing sleep. However, during summers it may be an impossible feat to achieve, if the clothes you wear to sleep are an unsuitable fit. But fear not ladies as we present to you the most comfortable night suit for women that will ensure you sleep your best through the night.

  • Olivia Pyjama Suit

Olivia Pyjama Suit

Bring on the childhood nostalgia and sleep like a baby in this mellow ladies night suit with floral print. The light cotton fabric gives an airy touch to the outfit by giving you ample space to breathe. What’s more, the outfit is complete with a pair of pockets, which probably makes this sleepwear choice even more appealing.

  • Jasmine Embroidered Pyjama Suit

 Jasmine Embroidered Pyjama Suit

This breezy ensemble will help you fall asleep in no time, given its comfortable cut and bell sleeves. Adorned with a peter pan collar, the set is complete with box pleat pyjamas. With hand embroidery on the shirt, the detailing on the suit is what makes it stand out. Sleepwear has never been this comfortable and stylish.

  • Cathy Pyjama Suit

Cathy Pyjama Suit

Our favourite for the season, this night suit embodies the spirit of summer. The light pastel shade reminds us of the vast blue sky. This embroidered pyjama suit is a part of limited edition style. Crafted in luxurious cotton cambric material, this utterly comfortable yet stylish night suit is enough to put you to deep sleep every summer night.

  • Seena Embroidered Pyjama Suit

 Seena Embroidered Pyjama Suit

Easy breezy describes this pyjama suit perfectly. It is a set of a shirt paired with culottes. The night suit is crafted in pure and soft cotton that literally flows over the wearer’s skin. The smoothness of the material is the USP, along with the embroidered detailing that lends an elegant look to the attire.

  • Kassia Pyjama Suit

Kassia Pyjama Suit

Snugly and safe is what every night suit should be and this pyjama suit checks all the boxes for fitting into that category. An all-weather sleepwear, this ensemble boasts of all the qualities that an ideal night dress for sweltering summer nights must have. The colour and design of the night suit are soothing, mixed with grace.

Finding the perfect sleepwear can be a task at times. Sometimes the fit isn’t right or the design is not up to your liking or the colour is too tacky and no other colour is available for the night dress of your choice. However, put your worries to rest because After Dark has the widest range of sleepwear for you. The quality of the clothes is unmatched, the designs are always classy and comfort that the clothes provide is never compromised. It is no doubt then why it should be your first and last destination when searching for the immaculate sleepwear.