Whether heading out to a job fair, or looking to get a promotion at work, it is always important for job seekers to dress their best. This doesn’t mean that they need to show up in a tuxedo, but in appropriate dress for the type of job they would like to be considered for.

5 Reasons To Dress For The Job You Want, Not For The Job You Have

  1. With so much competition in the job market, job seekers need every advantage they can get. If for example, two similarly qualified people interview for the same position, the applicant’s appearance may be the deciding factor in who ultimately gets the job. While managers may not consciously use physical appearance as a factor in whom they hire, it definitely has an impact on their overall impression of a person.
  2. It is also very important for current employees to dress professionally, because their employment is like one long interview. If an employee consistently shows up to work in ill-fitting, dirty clothing, they are not very likely to be considered for a promotion, even if they show up dressed appropriately for the interview.
  3. When an applicant already looks the part, it is much easier for the hiring manager to “see” them in the position. It will be much easier for an applicant to convince a hiring manager that they are right for the job when they already look the part. Just like realtors stage empty homes with furniture to help prospective buyers see themselves in the house, applicants must present themselves as favorably as possible.
  4. Applicants should remember that they will be representing the company. When the hiring manager looks at the applicant, they want to feel confident that they will become a positive extension of the company’s image.
  5. A well-kept appearance shows attention to detail and gives the hiring manager a small glimpse into what they can expect from the applicant as an employee. Hiring managers are likely to assume that the applicant will treat their job in the same manner that they treat themselves.
  6. Appropriate dress shows that the applicant is serious about the position and the interview. When an applicant arrives to work or an interview severely underdressed, the hiring manager is likely to feel like they don’t really care if they get the job or not. Other applicants will no doubt be dressed professionally, and may make a better impression, even if they are not as qualified.

Dressing professionally is not only important at the interview, but for the duration of employment. Fortunately, dressing to impress does not have to break the bank. Coupons are often available in both the local newspapers and online. Taking advantage of deals like Discountrue Hanna Andersson coupons can make stocking up on a professional wardrobe a reality, even for those without a lot of money to spend.