The best way to deal with an addiction, regardless of the type or cause, is to avoid it in the first place. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting practical ideas for accomplishing this goal, advice can be of terribly short supply. This article will serve as a practical resource to help you prevent online addiction before it starts.

Steps To Preventing Online Addiction Behaviors

1. Admit the Problem

First of all, wherever you are in the continuum of addiction, the first step to breaking loose is to admit that you have a problem. Plain and simple. If you are not yet an addict, read on.

2. Recognize the Scope of the Problem

Computers permeate society, with one on practically every desk and in every home in America. And with the creation of the Internet, there is a perfect storm of sorts for addiction.

3. Get a Low-Tech Hobby

If you are old enough to remember the joys of low-tech toys why not rekindle those fires with a new hobby. This might be a good time to rediscover a hobby that you enjoyed in the past but have since given up for high-tech gizmos, or something totally new.

4. Learn Something

There’s something charming about one person teaching something to someone else. Why not enjoy that feeling again by taking a class, and not online either. Determine when you might have a regular time free and take a class.
5. Become a Meal Master

If you want to prevent a high tech addiction but you would rather not leave home, why not enjoy something totally different like cooking. Break out the bar-b-que and teach everyone that you know your way around it. You might even discover you like it, then take a gourmet cooking course.

6. Plan Some Time With Friends

What could be more fun than just spending time with friends, whether that time is centered around doing something you enjoy or just taking in dinner and conversation.

7. Do Something as a Family

If you have a family, why not plan to do something that doesn’t involved the television or something else high-tech? Check your community listings for activities that are aimed at bringing a family together.

8. Limit The Tech-Side Of Life

For example, if you are tempted with online pornography, use a computer at the library or someplace else where you might not be as tempted to look at adult websites. Anything you can do to prevent online addiction is worth the effort.