Looking to add muscle mass, hitting the weights tough is a given. Quality gym time begins a cascade of changes to stimulate your muscles to grow larger against the challenges you place in their way. It is tempting to think that is all what it takes to add some muscles. Actually, you can feel your biceps growing after every intense set of curls.

So that pump is touchable with real-time bio-feedback to know that blood is flowing to cells in the muscles to start a series of events that encourage protein synthesis. Perhaps that is why it is easier to ignore how much it is important to take good nutrition for balance a mass-building equation.

Quick Muscle Building Rules! Taking Right Calories Right After Training and Drinking Lots Of Water

Never miss it! Both eating and lifting are important. Whether in the morning, afternoon or in night, the foods you grab in your body right after your workout, and last meal of the day impact your muscle building results.  However sticking to a clean diet, preparing them and reading labels for ingredients in busy schedule is like adding another complexity to your life.

Calories are Important, but not everything

Although, you can eat fast food occasionally, but gorging on pizza, burgers and chocolate ice creams has no space in mass gain programs. Most trainers overestimate the need for energy, encouraging extremely high calories intake which usually increases body fat and make you obese. So only aim for 300 to 500 extra than your body burns through normal functioning and exercises. The formulae is simple, just multiply your body weight by 17 and the divide the result with 6 meals per day.

Eat Right After Training

Must take protein and carb-rich meal right after a workout, because your body is truly down at taking and sending carbohydrates down the fat-storing pathways. Therefore post-training, carbs are sent down growth-promoting pathways.” Combined with protein sources, these carbs deliver amino acids in your muscles by boosting the insulin levels. Such anabolic hormone forces nutrients in muscle cells and spark the process of muscle-growth.

Stay Hydrated as much as possible

Steve Holman recommends in old school new  body review Drink ample of water, particularly in post workout hours. This keeps you fuller and reduces hunger pangs. Drink around 8 ounces every 15 to 20 minutes during training, take more when it is hot and humid.  Your performance suffers when you are dehydrated, even if only 1 to–2%. Waiting till feeling thirsty, means waiting too long. A low-calorie, flavorful sports drink is best. Drink cool fluids because studies prove that people drink more when liquid is colder.