Muay Thai is a martial arts form that is actually the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai means “The Art of Eight Limbs” and uses padded gloves similar to that of Western Boxing. Practitioners of Muay Thai use eight points of contact using hands, shins, feet, elbows, and knees which is unlike four points of contact used in other martial arts forms. Head butting is no longer allowed in this sport competitively.

Benefits of Practicing Muay Thai

·       Increased fitness level

·       Learn self-defense

·       Lose weight

·       Gain agility

·       Boost confidence in yourself

·       Improved mobility

·       Cardiovascular conditioning

·       Build strength

·       Stress relief

·       Mental endurance

·       Improved emotional intelligence in compassion, patience, gratitude, honesty, and endurance

Learning Muay Thai on Holiday

Thailand is the perfect place to learn Muay Thai while traveling on holiday. Whether you are a seasoned fighter or just starting out, you can find a class or camp for you.  Some travelers head to Thailand specifically to train with the Muay Thai masters and to improve their health.

How to Find the Best Muay Thai Camps in Thailand

1)    Cleanliness. If you are not from Thailand and get sick while visiting then you wont be doing any training because you will be home in bed trying to recover and going to Thailand was a waste of time. Find a camp or gym with clean, padded mats and no carpet. Carpet is gross and increases the spread of illness. Buy your own gloves so you aren’t using the ones that thousands of other students have used.

2)    Safety. The second worst thing that can happen while you are training in Thailand besides getting ill is if you get injured so finding a camp that respects your safety is key. One major aspect of safety is having mats to train on because training on concrete or carpet is bad for your knees and shins. If you insist on training at a gym with no padding then wear shoes that offer padding.

3)    Good amount of training space. This saves you time because you aren’t waiting for others to use the equipment and ensures that you aren’t tripping over other students while trying to get your workout in. If you are paying good money for training then you want to be training at a gym that is worth your time and respects your time.

4)    Quality equipment. Bad equipment can cause injury and illness. Is the camp you are in using bags that are full and guards that are in good condition? If not, go somewhere else.

5)    Student to Trainer Ratio. Pros are saying that you should look for a ratio of three students to one teacher. If you have too many students looking for guidance on their form then no one is getting the individual attention that they need in order to improve.

6)    High quality instructors. You want an instructor that will tell you what you are doing wrong and how to best improve.

7)    Good mix of locals and foreigners at Modern Muay Thai . The point of training Muay Thai in Thailand is to learn from Thai people, right? So you want to have a good mix of foreigners and Thais in order to get the most from your training.