Professional PowerPoint presentations are a part and parcel of corporate culture. Most presentations are made with PowerPoint or similar software, and they are a great supplement to a verbal speech by giving attendees in a presentation a visual idea of complicated concepts and points that the presenter is trying to make.


While a professional PowerPoint presentation can help make even the longest and most complicated presentation simple and engaging, a badly made presentation can also irritate the audience and make it unable for them to keep up with what the presenter is trying to say. Given below are some simple tips on how you can make a unique and effective presentation using professional PowerPoint templates on focusing on the following main aspects:


The overall design of the PowerPoint presentation should be the first thing you should focus on, because it will determine how your presentation slides are made. Thankfully, PowerPoint comes with a Presentation Helper with various professional templates that can fit various topics. You can also download professional PowerPoint template for free or a nominal cost, but make sure of the following points:

  • Be consistent in your design; use the same font type and size and theme in all slides
  • Make sure that the colors used match each other and the color of the text font
  • You can add frames for images and figures, highlight headers, and add your company logo in each slide, but keep things light and do not overload every slide with too many design elements.

Slide composition

When composing slides, make sure to keep the following points in mind at all times:

  • Do not copy slides from various sources; use the information from these sources to make your own unique slides
  • Keep the design of every slide simple so that it does not distract the audience
  • Carefully select the font type and size for headers and text so that they are easy to read
  • When add text to slides, leave adequate room for highlights like a call to action or images
  • Decorate the slide well, but do not overdo it
  • Make sure that your design is understated; it should be attractive and eye-catching, but it should not restrict the message you are trying to send


Images are important elements of a PowerPoint presentation. They add to the visual appeal of the presentation and can help translate complicated concepts into simple ones, making it easier for the audience to understand what you are trying to say. Here are some tips to follow when adding images in your professional PowerPoint presentation:

  • Make sure to use more images than text to keep things interesting
  • Avoid using images for decoration
  • Use images to complement or reinforce you message and to explain it to the audience
  • Use stock images or images from Google image search to look for visual material for your presentation; make sure that images you use are public domain

Animation and media

When animating a PowerPoint presentation, you should make sure not to cross the line between professional and comic. Animations are really powerful tools for a presentation and can help the audience understand the concept being shown.

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