Veteran Fishermen are aware of all the rules and tools of fishing. But for fishermen who are new to this business, it’s hard to decide which fishing technique to use and what should be the type of reel used for it.  Spinning reel is one which is the most important and versatile tool used in fishing.

Why Spinning Reels?


Fishermen find it is easy to fish with spinning wheels. Experienced anglers apparently choose spinning reel as it is easy to use. It does not have the steep curve that is used in bait casting reels which makes it more comfortable to use than any other reel. Even spinning reels have different varieties like the graphite or the aluminum reel.  For inexperienced fishermen, it’s hard to choose the appropriate spinning reel. One could look for fishing reel reviews on various websites to get the best from it.

How to Choose a Spinning Reel?

Here are some tips that would help new fishermen to choose the right reel for their business:

  • When you are fishing in water that is fresh, then aluminum reel is the best one to choose. It works very fine in fresh water. But when water is salty, you need to use graphite reel.

  • When you choose a reel, keep in mind that there are no fragile or loose parts on the reel. Spinning reel usually have many parts so there are chances of mechanical breakdown. You should choose the reel that has fewer parts. So chances of breakdown will be less.

  • The weight of fishing reel is one such factor that should be considered important when you buy a reel. Weight of spinning reel is measured in ounces. It’s much better to purchase a fishing reel from a retail shop rather than buying online. When you buy the reel from retail shop you have right to chose the one that is best and is not defected.

  • Light tackle spinning reels are considered the best in case of inshore fishing. The high capacity and great strength of these reels lead to quality fishing.

The most advantageous feature of spinning reel is that its handle is reversible. So whether you are left hander or a right hander, you can adjust the reel easily on your dominant hand for fishing purpose. The best spinning reel is used to catch varieties of fishes like the eel, zander, walleye, trout, pike and perch. Most of the inexperienced workers prefer spinning reels due to the ease factor and the comfort it provides. The reversible handle is one of its best plus point.