Whilst teleporting ourselves from one part of the office to the other may not yet be a feasible option (however handy it would be) the document equivalent – document scanning – has been around for some time!  Whether you run a small startup or large firm, digitising your documents can save a significant amount of time and money.  So what are the benefits and why should you ensure that all your documents have been ‘beamed up’?

Space-Age Office Solutions

Lost Hours

If you feel as though you’re always wasting time searching for documents, then this space-age solution is for you.  Some professionals admit they can spend an hour or more in the working day searching for documents! Whether this hour includes the inevitable trip to the kitchen and the chats by the water cooler as well as time taken to find, retrieve the document and then return to their desks goes unrecorded, but it may play a part.

Lost Files

It’s rare that there are enough copies of a document for everyone who needs it at any given time.  Lost in space may not be a problem that faces many office workers but lost in somebody’s in tray is a fate that many important documents have suffered at one time or another.  Document scanning means that important documents are accessible at all times to as many people as need them.

Strange Subterranean Creatures

In large firms, the filing room can resemble the crypt under any of the world’s largest cathedrals that you can care to mention.  Amidst these vast spaces roam filing clerks that have the eerie pallor of a creature of the night.  In many cases, whole buildings are required to store documents.   Document scanning can introduce a space saving solution and free those clerks back into daylight where hopefully they won’t disintegrate!

Cloudy Thinking

Scanned documents can be stored and backed up on physical devices as well as in the cloud.  When flood, fire or other disasters put your competitors out of business you can rest easy in the knowledge that your essential documents are recoverable at the click of a mouse.  This also makes essential documents available to mobile workers and means that your employees should never arrive at an important meeting without that crucial document again.

Expert Help

Depending on the size of your firm, the process of digitising all this information can be daunting.  For those with a century’s worth of typed, carbon copied documents, the task can seem impossible.  This is where a document management firm can prove very helpful indeed.  Outsourcing the task saves your resources, frees those filing clerks and makes for a safer solution than simple paper filing systems.  Document management is all about efficiency, and with today’s computing solutions, scanned, cloud based filing systems offer freedom, accessibility and cost savings that will make any firm easier to manage and more cost-efficient.