A notary is a public officer appointed by the government to serve the community in non-litigious matters, normally concerned with deeds, estates, power of attorney, and international business. The main function of a notary is to take –

  • Affidavits & statutory declarations
  • Administer oaths & affirmations
  • Witness & validate certain documents
  • Acknowledgment of deeds & other changes
  • Provide notice of foreign drafts
  • Give protest notes & bill of exchange
  • Provide exemplifications & notary copies
  • Perform official tasks based on his/her jurisdiction

Notary needs some things to perform the notarization act including notary seal, notary Acknowledgment, notary record books, notary journal, notary stamps, ink pads, stapler and more. You can easily buy notary books or any kind of notary supplies from online stores.

Notary Stamp is Significant

Notary stamp is an important tool for the notary public. They use it in their notarization duties. This notary seal impression on a document is a recognition mark that indicates –

  • The notary to be a legal officer of his/her state
  • The notary is duly trained to offer the rendered services
  • The identity of the signer has been verified

When the notary goes shopping for notary stamps, there are several things to consider –

  • Today, the traditional rubber stamp has become outdated because they need an inkpad, which can turn out to be messy and clumsy while using
  • Pre-inked or self-inked notary stamps have in-built microscopic ink cells or ink pad. After each impression the stamp die is repeatedly supplied with ink. You can craft lots of repetitive impressions. These stamps can easily be re-inked.
  • Embosser stamps disallow a document to be photocopied. You get crispiest impression with less effort.

When Ordering Notary Stamps –

  • Buy from a reliable notary stamp manufacturer, who is familiar with the notary laws as well as the notary seal specifications of your state.
  • In addition, the supplier must support their product all through your notary commission time period.
  • Make sure that you provide the correct information as printed in the notary commission certificate.
  • If the notary stamps are not manufactured in accordance to the notary commission certificate then the notary can be suspended.
  • Therefore carefully check the notary stamp, when you receive it. Thoroughly check your name and expiration date. Compare it with the printed information on certificate.
  • In case variation is detected, call the stamp manufacturer for corrections.
  • Before you start using the notary stamp legally make some practice impressions.
  • Ensure that the seal impressions are sharp and clear.
  • All the numbers and letters must be readable.
  • In case, the impressions are blurry or unreadable return the notary stamp and request for a replacement.
  • Papers with blurry or missing notary seal impressions can get rejected.

Before placing orders check the state requirement because each state’s need of notary seals and embossers are unique. Online notary supply stores have proper format of seal designs ready because they always keep track of each state’s requirements.