Whether you are a girl or a guy at times dressing appropriately for the wedding can be quite challenging and filled with much struggle. Sometimes this is also a case that some dress which goes well in the backyard wedding may not at times be appropriate for the wedding in church or vice-versa. Apart from these there are few more things that you should never wear for any wedding despite of it being quite formal, themed or quite unique. These days tailors online have come up with many new designs and ideas when it comes to wedding dresses.

List of Some Dresses that you should not wear for wedding:

Complete white dress- If it is not your wedding then avoid dressing like a bride. You should avoid wearing complete white dress as it symbolizes bride. It is not that you cannot wear white at all; you can wear white with some prints in it. You just need to stay away from something too bridal or some dress with lace in it as it gives a complete bridal look. Online tailor also have this suggestion to the customers many a times.

Some kind of sweatshirt- It hardly matters now cool or comfortable you try to show yourself, loungewear is never an option for any kind of wedding. It is not even suitable for any of the small function. If it is winter season still you should not wear it rather you can carry a jacket for the wedding. While taking the group photo also you will look very odd one out in the entire group. Custom tailoring may lead you to the right path when it comes to choosing the dress and the design for your wedding.

Anything that will expose your bra- Remember it is not a brunch with a friend that you will wear such clothes, it is a wedding. You can wear anything without your bra strap popping out from your apparel. It is nothing wrong with the bra, but anyways they are underwear so it should be worn that way only. As it is a wedding not exposing your under wear is a better option. The same case goes with men as well, if their butt is too flat they should not expose their back in any case. Since it is a wedding you need to show a little standard in you. Online dress design has also given a new platform to the wedding dresses.

Over makeup- Too much of makeup also makes your face look ugly and funny. Avoid putting too much make up on your face, try keeping it simple and elegant. Bright and loud make up is like a disaster on the entire wedding function. You should also avoid wearing any kind of extensions.

If you keep all these points in your mind you will not look weird in any wedding function and you may also become the focus of the evening. Tailoring online is like a boon for those who love to wear custom fitting dresses.