Safety first, work later!

Workplace injuries are far too common. Every year, the count of such accidents increases and many workers tend to lose their job. They get engaged with the post-injury medical treatment and care. This affects the company’s productivity in terms of work and financial formalities.

As an employer or manager, you must ensure workplace safety first. It is your duty to protect your employees against such hazardous attacks. More importantly, it becomes an individual’s responsibility to safeguard workplace.

A single workplace accident can pose a serious threat to your business. Besides affecting the work productivity, it creates havoc with the ongoing work. It also impacts the costing and can put you under a lot of paperwork. Bearing such high costs and compensations might affect your company growth extensively.

How about avoiding any kind of workplace injuries in the first place? Here are some tips on how you can avoid injuries at your workplace.


  • Educate employees on Safety standards


Every organization must follow the Industry Safety Standards. Cultivate safety standards for every employee at the workplace. You should engage your employees with the timely training sessions on safety measures. You can also supplement training in body mechanics. This keeps your employees safe from strain injuries at the workplace.


  • Conduct timely pre-placement physicals


Accidents can be a result of inexperience. Sometimes, physical inability to perform certain tasks can also lead to such calamities. Conducting pre-placement physicals can safeguard the employees with positions matching their physical strengths.


  • Provide safety equipment


Safety equipment is essential at the workplace, meetings and production areas. Conduct regular safety sessions for employees in the workplace. Educate them with the safety essentials and directions on how to use them. Provide every employee and worker with basic safety kit at work. This includes gloves, safety shoes, hard hats, face masks, etc. You can buy all the safety stuff from FXD clothing at WorkWear Hub.


  • Incorporate Safety and Wellness plan


The best way to prevent accidents in the workplace is to create a safe work environment for every employee. This also creates a positive impact on the productivity of work. An employee wellness program should cover all safety and health measures. It should encourage them to report any hazardous place or activities in the workplace environment.


  • Research safety vulnerabilities. Businesses vary as per their work standards and so do their safety measures. It is essential to keep an eye on the common accidents that occur frequently. Develop effective strategies to avoid such incidents again in the future.



  • Avoid shortcuts


Accidents can happen if employees work haphazardly on a certain task and complete the job ahead of the scheduled time.  Make sure you follow every instruction carefully. Work on every task in an organized manner to prevent any mishaps at the workplace.


  • Keep safety measures


Safety Training is essential for every employee. Admin staff should reinforce the safety measures at meetings and other important events. They can get the standard rating products from FXD clothing at WorkWear Hub for their employees. Give the monthly or annual reward to employees who follow the safety standards.


  • Have sufficient Staffing Levels


Managing work efficiencies and work outflow can be tedious. Sometimes, overtime hours can affect the worker’s productivity. This can also be the cause of over exhaustion and uncertain accidents. It is better to increase the worker strength or hire part-time workers or seasonal staff to prevent such accidents.


  • Regulate Inspection and maintenance of all company vehicles


Conduct mandatory inspection and maintenance for all the company vehicles. Make sure you use the licensed machines and vehicles at the workplace and renew them as and when required.


  • Maintain an orderly workplace


Inadequate housekeeping can also be a reason for such unwanted incidents. Ensure that your workplace layout is free of grease, debris and has sufficient footpath markings.

Hope these tips help you give your employees a safe and no accident working environment.