Social media is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools currently available to businesses. However, before you can reap the benefits of social media marketing, you must build and maintain a solid social media following. When nurtured properly, these followers will visit your business’ social media sites on a regular basis, engage in two-way communication with your company and eventually become loyal customers.


Building a base of followers doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a great deal of care and consideration. Below are some tips you can use to attract and nurture your own followers.

1. Don’t be Self-Absorbed

Social media users come to your landing page either to be educated or entertained. They don’t want to read a flood of overt advertisements or promotions, so use such marketing methods sparingly. If you talk about your business too much, you will lose your current following and drive potential followers away. Instead, post about a variety of topics that are likely to appeal to your target audience.

2. Post Useful Material

Your followers will enjoy reading posts that are informative and instructional. To create valuable posts that consumers will enjoy, try to answer a question or solve a problem with every post you make. For example, if your company sells furniture, your followers may enjoy reading posts that offer tips on caring for leather furniture, arranging furniture to maximize space or moving furniture from one location to another without causing damage.

3. Engage Followers in a Dialogue

Two-way communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful social media campaign. Encourage your followers to comment on your posts. Likewise, you can also receive valuable feedback by encouraging your consumers to write to you via social media when they have questions or concerns about your company or products. Regardless of the type of communication you receive from consumers, respond to it in a timely fashion. When you engage your consumers in a dialogue, they will feel more connected to your company.

4. Offer Incentives to Followers

One of the most effective ways to draw in new followers is to offer an incentive to consumers who agree to follow you on social media. For example, you may offer a printable coupon, online coupon code or entry into a sweepstakes. Once the consumer has agreed to follow you, you can work your magic to keep them around.

5. Be Respectful

Be respectful and courteous in all of the posts you make on social media, as well as any communication you have with customers. Don’t make negative posts about your competitors, and avoid writing about topics that are controversial such as politics. Doing so may drive away followers who would have otherwise become loyal customers.

Building a successful social media presence takes time and continuous effort, and you must always put your followers’ needs above those of your company. Follow the tips above, put your followers’ needs above your own and you will soon have a strong following to call your own.