Owning the new LG G4 says a lot about your tastes and expectations when it comes to mobile phones. You only want the best, and LG’s flagship phone delivers. Its crisp and bright display coupled with a high-functioning front and rear-view camera makes taking photos an absolute pleasure, while its Snapdragon 808 processor with 32 GB of storage is strong enough to see you through the day. The only thing that doesn’t meet your standards is the G4’s lack of appropriate protection. To make sure your phone lasts, you need to get yourself an LG G4 skin.

An LG G4 skin offers the protection that is lacking in the phone’s original design. Made out of a thin yet durable vinyl, the skin adds a protective layer between the elements and your cell. Strong enough to withstand whatever you throw at it, a skin shields your mobile from unattractive and damaging scratches and nicks that can come with even the most gentle handling. The feel of the vinyl also adds superior grip, so the G4’s even easier to handle. Your phone slipping from your fingers to the unforgiveable ground will be a thing of the past.

An LG G4 skin isn’t just a protective cover for your phone; it’s also a fashion statement! Since it’s made out of a versatile material, it can be personalized to suit any taste. Your skin can add an interesting texture like carbon fibre, metal, or wood to your G4, or it can add a much needed splash of colour against the black plastic of the phone.

With so many skins claiming the ultimate protection for LG phones, you need to know what stands out as truly superior coverage. When you find a skin provider that exclusively uses 3M vinyl, you know you’ve found the best out there. 3M vinyl provides unbeatable coverage, as it can be precision cut to the exact specifications of your model. It’s easy to apply and even easier to take off. The 3M vinyl leaves no sticky and annoying residue behind when it’s peeled off.

A skin provider that’s been using 3M vinyl in all of their products before it was cool is dbrand. Their LG skins always fit devices like a glove, including the new G4 phone. Without adding any unnecessary bulk, it complements the ergonomic curve of the G4. When you check out dbrand.com/shop/lg-g4, you also have the added pleasure of trying out their build-a-skin feature. With no obligation to buy, you can try out the different combinations of colours and textures you can add to your phone. That way you’ll know exactly how your creative designs will look on the G4, so you’re never disappointed with the outcome.

In fact, the exact opposite will occur, as you’ll be so happy that your LG G4 skin defends the brilliant features that made you buy the phone in the first place. Its superior protection and stylish good looks will give you the confidence to use your phone out and about in the world.