Facial Hair

As soon as a young male hits puberty he starts growing facial hair. In some cultures it’s considered a big step in the journey to manhood. The density and growth rate of facial hair depends on a lot of factors like genetics, hormones, diet etc. The design and length on your facial hair again depends on multiple factors. The mustache is the hair growth in the space between your nose and your upper lip.  In early teenage years (11-15), the first facial hair shows up on the corners of your upper lip like whiskers. A great tradition between fathers and sons is when the father teaches the son how to shave. For most people by the time they reach 20 years they are able to grow a full mustache and beard.

Grow and Maintain Your Mustache: It’s Today’s Style!

Changes Over Time

The earliest known portrayal of someone with a mustache is from around 300 BC. But the fad of being clean shaven or keeping facial hair changes over time and often comes in distinct periods of time. A mustache and/or beard can be seen as a sign of masculinity and authority in some periods whereas they can be frowned upon in some time periods. The Roman Empire was famous for being clean shaven whereas in the east a mustache was considered to be a symbol of manliness. In Middle Ages the knights maintained full beards and mustaches whereas the clergy was expected to be clean shaven. The reason being a knight is supposed to be brave and aggressive whereas a clergyman is supposed to be peaceful and enlightened. When King Henry VIII imposed a beard tax most of the noblemen became clean shaved and only criminals and prisoners had facial hair. But since the late 1970s facial hair especially mustaches have become fashionable again. The hippie movement had a huge role to play in it with long sideburns and a mustache becoming a definitive look. In the 1980s to 1990s the clean shaven look or the banker look was in. From 2000 onwards we are again seeing a trend where facial hair is more and more popular and people taking time to keep and groom beards and mustaches.

Not all mustaches are created equal and there are so many styles a man can wear. Some of the most popular are English mustache, Chevron (also called the Selleck as it was made popular by Tom Selleck), Fu Manchu, Handlebar, Horseshoe, Imperial, Rajputana, Pencil mustache, Toothbrush, Walrus and the Dali (named after the famous painter Salvador Dali). Some people are so deeply associated with their facial hair it’s impossible to recognize them without it. Charlie Chaplin who wore a distinctive style of mustache was often not recognized on streets when he didn’t have it.

Most men with mustache tend to shave their face to highlight their mustache. For this reason maintaining your face skin is really necessary. A real mustache lover man will find aftershaves as great gift for another mustache lover man. Check best aftershaves under 20$ on Instantgrooming.

Growing and Maintaining a Mustache

Many men dream of growing a mustache but are afraid of how it might look and the amount of maintenance needed. There are today loads of sites where one can upload his picture and try to see how different mustaches look on him. Try a variety of style and see which one suits your face the best.

For maintaining a mustache, the primary tool you need that the electric mustache trimmer for men. Check Instant Grooming reviews or listen what your experienced friends say. Grab a weapon first then go for battle.

Next step is to let your facial hair grow for a week or two till it reach sufficient length and covers most of your face. Use a mustache brush to comb your mustache regularly so that the hair remains straight and doesn’t become a tangled mess. Use any wax products to make your mustache in shape and to nourish it. Wax also helps in itchiness that one may experience when growing facial hear.

After that comes the most important step. Either visit a parlor or use a razor at home to shave off your beard.  Do not use an electric razor on your mustache. If your hand slips a bit, you will have to shave off the whole thing and start all over again. Use a pair of small scissors to give shape to your mustache.

Maintaining it is the same as the steps before. Keep using the wax and comb to keep it nice and clean. Use the scissors regularly to trip any long hairs.

Remember to post your pictures for the November movement and show the world how manly your mustache looks.

Your grooming will be incomplete if you do not take care of your nose and ear hair. For this read details on how to remove nose & ear hair at instantgrooming.