A great server hosting is archetypal for any online business. Having the best host is one of the most important factors to consider when managing a site.

Why do we want the best? Simply because we are rooting for the beneficial aspects that we want to experience out of the wonderful service that a host could offer, and that can only be received from a dedicated server.

Here are some of the advantages of preferring a dedicated hosting server:

Own Resources

A dedicated hosting provider gives you full resources of a single server. You need not to worry about other sites that cause a spike because of clogging up the CPU of the server as well as the RAM. With a server like this, you are guaranteed that you won’t be delayed by the bad scripts that are running on other websites. Even the spikes in bandwidth usage from them will not affect you.

Improved Performance and Security

You will be assured to have maximum uptime on your precious site. If a lot of traffic occurs on your website, you will be provided with much stable and reliable service by dedicated servers.


Through the dedicated server, you will be flexible on the modifications or customizations that are needed to be applied to the server based on your own need particularly for:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk space
  • Software

If you prefer to use shared hosting, it unpleasantly limits a customer to the applications. This also applies to the software as well as the operating environment that are already filled in the server.But with a dedicated server, you are allowed to organize a changeable kind of server environment. What’s more is that you will be given the right to choose the platform and software that you need to use that will allow you to control how your dedicated server is set up.

Distinct IP Address

A server has its own unique IP address. If you are using shared hosting, you will be sharing an IP address with the other websites. The bad thing about this is if one of the websites that you share a server with is a spam site or an adult site, it could mean that you are pushing your website’s rank down.

However, if you choose dedicated web hosting, you will have your own server. Since you have your own server, you will have your own unique IP address. This is extremely of significant value if you have a big operating e-commercial site that really requires SSL for credit card transactions.

Inexpensive Resources

If you are badly in need of a dedicated server but do not have the time or resources to properly manage a server yourself, choosing a dedicated hosting server is less expensive because it has a low-cost way to access to the resources of a full server. It handles the cost of the building as well as maintains server equipment thus reducing the overhead for a business. Also, it will improve the return on investment.


Shared hosting is truly the cheapest way to be able to run a business’ website. There are even greater hosting servers out there that offer siteground coupons.

To use a dedicated hosting server is far pricier when compared to other types of hosting servers.Those sites that deal with a lot of traffic or have a strict necessity of customization and security may even tell that a dedicated hosting provider is a better option.