Gadgets make our lives easier. Families use gadgets every day manage family members’ schedules, provide parents with peace of mind, and make some tasks a little easier. You expect no less from gadgets for families on the go, so why not have solid gadgets for your new family car? After you purchase your new car from somewhere like a St. George Kia Dealership, consider purchasing these gadgets to help make your car more family friendly, safe, and comfortable while on the road.

 5 Unique Gadgets That Can Make Your Car More Family Friendly

Dension Wi-Drive Portable WI-FI Device

It’s a pity that your child’s tablet doesn’t have the capability to connect to a 3G network to so that he or she can play games or steam video while you are on the road. This gadget offers a quick fix. The Dension Wi-Drive converts your cellphone’s internet into a WI-FI signal that can be used by multiple devices. It allows up to six devices to connect to its WI-FI connection simultaneously so that the entire family can use the internet at the same time, allowing parents peace and quiet on road trips.

Winext Portable Car Air Purifier

If you or your child suffer from allergies and asthma, or if just want to eliminate food or pet odors in the cab of your car, the Winext air purifier is perfect for the job. Its filter keeps your family healthy by filtering out air-borne impurities such as bacteria, viral infections, and pollen particles that may be circulating in your vehicle. It then ionizes the filtered air to make unfiltered air-borne particles too heavy to float around, preventing you from breathing them in. This double-filtering leaves your air cleaner and removes odors at the same time. The Winext Air Purifier also offers a versatile power supply that can hook up to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle or a USB port.


If you are worried about your teenager or spouse texting and driving, remove the temptation by installing the CellControl device. This device prompts the installation of an app on your cellphone. Once the app is installed, unsafe apps will not operate while the vehicle. You can customize which phone numbers are allowed through and keep track of driver patterns and statistics using an account management console. This will help you to keep your family safe and keep you informed of your teenage driver’s bad driving habits.

Black & Decker Cooler and Warmer

If you have ever been on a road trip, you understand the value of being able to refrigerate your sandwiches and drinks to save money and reduce pit stops. This Cooler and Warmer by Black & Decker cools your food while keeping your coffee warm. The warming cup holders are a bonus for people who prefer to sip on their coffee while they travel. The Cooler and Warmer uses your car’s cigarette lighter to conveniently do it all.

The RoadPro 12-volt Portable Stove

The RoadPro Stove is the perfect complement to the Black & Decker Cooler and Warmer. If you want to heat up leftovers that you brought from home or heat up your drive through French fries, the RoadPro Portable Stove allows you to heat food up to 300 degrees from the comfort of your car.

These unique gadgets will keep you and your family content and healthy on road trips or while running errands. With all of the convenience and entertainment these gadgets offer, you may find yourself lingering in your car for a few extra minutes at each stop. With all of the new gadgets becoming available, it will be interesting to see what the future has to offer.