Texas is one of the southern states of America. By size, only Alaska surpasses Texas, and by the number of people it’s the second most populous state after California. It’s one of the most important destinations in the United States. Texas is the center of agriculture, industry, education and the financial sector. The border position of the state played into its favor, combining the American and Spanish cultural traditions.

The nature of the state is represented by hot, arid deserts on the one hand, and prairies and dense forests on the other. Tourists are attracted not only by the cities, but also by national parks, canyons and ranches. So, here are the most famous sights of Texas…

Dallas Arts District

Arts District became the ancestor and member of the Global Network of Cultural Areas, a worldwide federation, founded in 2014. Its area is only 0.3 square kilometers, but you’ll find there the most significant cultural attractions of the city associated with the visual, theatrical and research aspects of art.

Dallas Arts District

Totally, there are 13 organizations and objects on the territory of Arts District. Among them is AT&T Performing Arts Center, where opera and music events, classical and experimental theater productions, as well as ballets and all kinds of other dance performances are held. The center was opened in 2009, and includes several divisions: Annette Strauss Square, Wyly Theatre, which is an impressive 12-story parallelepiped with a configurable scene, and Winspear Opera House, which is a modern interpretation of the traditional opera house in the form of a horseshoe.

As for the towers, Trammell Crow Center is most impressive construction of Arts District. This 50-story skyscraper in the style of post-modern was built in 2001 and reaches the height of 216 meters, which is the sixth tallest building in Dallas.

The Arts District is located between St. Paul, Ross Avenue, Spur 366 and US 75 streets. It’s recommended to rent a car in Dallas in order to explore the whole area and not to miss any interesting places!

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is one of the most unique and incredible natural sights. It was formed several thousands of years ago, when, due to erosion, the dome of one of the karst caves collapsed. This fact is evidenced by huge limestone slabs that can be seen at the edge of the azure water, as well as big stalactite formations hanging from the ceiling of the cave.

Hamilton Pool

The survived part of the cave dome formed a grotto which hides a part of the lake. The highlight of the Hamilton Pool is the picturesque 15-meter waterfall. The water level throughout the year is different, but the waterfall doesn’t dry out completely. The water level in the pool is also stable even during a drought, so that you can enjoy the beauty of this place regardless of the weather conditions.

Hamilton Pool is located forty kilometers from the state capital Austin, and you can get to it only by car.

6 Flags Over Texas

‘6 Flags’ is a chain of amusement parks, and the one that is in Texas was opened the very first. This theme park of more than 85 hectares was opened in 1961 and now offers to its small and adult guests more than 100 spectacular slides and attractions, as well as themed entertainment areas.

6 flags over Texas

(photo by LLudo)

The park has several records and achievements. In particular, it became the first entertainment park, which introduced a system of single prices for tickets. In addition, ‘Six flags over Texas’ was also the first park where boat hills appeared and where an underground train was launched. The coaster ‘Titan’ became the highest (75 meters) and the fastest (38 m/s) roller coaster in Texas. There was the largest ground ‘Oil Derrick’ (100 meters). In 1999, the attraction ‘Texas Giant’ received the award of “World’s Best Wooden Roller Coaster”, and after 12 years – “The Best New Roller Coaster”.

Big Bend National Park


Another natural landmark of Texas is Big Bend National Park. It closely adjoins the Mexican border, while Rio Grande River forms small canyons and green oases. The rest of the park is mostly deserted. Chisos Mountain Lodge stretches within the limits of Big Bend, and Emory Peak is its highest point, which rises for 2385 meters. Chihuahua Desert is one more interesting sight available in Big Bend National Park. Its climate is not as severe as in most deserts, and flowers bloom there from March till April. The main vegetation in the park is presented with cacti, yucca, agave and bunch grass. Lizards, snakes and vultures live in the desert, but in the mountains you can even see deer, bears, mountain lions and more than 400 species of birds.

The Ghost Town of Terlingua

Terlingua is one of the famous Texas’ attractions, covered with legends and sad glory of a ghost town. In the early 20th century, it was a lively working village built near the mercury mines. In the best period, Terlingua’s population reached three thousand people. However, over time, mercury stocks declined and workers’ incomes decreased, which led to an outflow of residents.

Terlingua Ghost Town Entrance

Nowadays, about 200 people live in Terlingua, and most of them work in tourism. There’s a hotel, several private boarding houses and cafes, a shop, a market and even an amateur theater.

The main entertainment of modern Terlingua is admiring the sunset from the site of the old post office. Every evening both visitors and village locals are gathered there to observe the sunset, and then – to enjoy a beer in a local bar.

Unfortunately, there’s no public transport in Terlingua, so you can get to it only by car.