When trying to prevent allergies caused by dust mites, it is always more important to eliminate the problem at its source, rather than to constantly seek a cure. There are many ways for you to kill and remove dust mites from your home but if you’re currently already suffering from allergies then below are a few medicines that can help you relieve your symptoms.

1) Antihistamines

This drug is one of the main combatants against allergies and helps to lower the production of a chemical inside the immune system which is normally found active in an allergic reaction. Once you begin taking antihistamines, your itching or sneezing or having a runny nose will immediately stop.

2) Corticosteroids

This drug is normally sold as a nasal spray that acts to reduce inflammation as well as to control other known symptoms of allergies. At times, dust mite allergies can develop into something more serious like a fever which can be alleviated with corticosteroids.

The Best Treatments For Dust Mite Allergies

3) Decongestant

Nothing is more annoying than having a blocked nose. Your breathing is affected as well as your sense of taste. Decongestants help to shrink any swollen tissues that are clogging up your nasal passage, ensuring clearer air flow. There are other forms of this drug that come in tablets and are to be taken orally. The side effects include a temporary increase of blood pressure which is dangerous if you have a pre-existing case of high blood pressure, glaucoma or some form of cardiovascular disease.

You should definitely consult your doctor prior to taking decongestants but this only applies to the oral form of this drug. The ones that come as a nasal spray are typically less harmful and less likely to increase blood pressure.

4) Cromolyn Sodium

This drug will prevent the body’s release of a certain chemical in the immune system which in turns helps to alleviate allergies. This drug comes as a nasal spray and can be purchased over the counter. To ensure maximum effectiveness, you will need to use this spray several times daily until your allergies have gone completely. This drug also has no reported side effects.

5) Leukotriene Modifiers

This drug will start to block certain chemicals in the immune system that are normally triggered in the event of an allergic reaction. Your doctor may prescribe this drug to you in the form of a tablet. The possible side effects from ingesting this drug include the infection of the upper respiratory system, recurring headaches and in some severe cases, fever. The less common side effects include sudden changes in behavior or mood.

Again, there is no miracle drug that is designed to take all your allergy woes away but this doesn’t meant they won’t be able to help you have a comfortable night’s sleep. To permanently solve your allergy problems, you will need to start taking counter-measures against dust mites immediately.