It’s a question that more business owners are beginning to ask. Pondering whether you should invest in an onsite fitness facility can bring many questions, like whether this change will benefit you and your employees and whether it will be worth the investment. Check out these tips for making the best decision regarding an onsite facility as well as a few common benefits of workplace fitness facilities.

Compare Options

What are the typical business costs associated with paying for offsite gym memberships versus building an onsite facility and what are the advantages of each option? You may also want to compare offering an onsite fitness facility to other employee benefits that you are thinking of adding to your list of workplace benefits. Examining the choices can help you determine which is the best for your business.

Assess the Benefits

According to the Merits of Having a Fitness Facility On Site, several benefits to both employers and employees are offered by onsite fitness facilities. Universal benefits of onsite fitness centers include increased employee productivity, healthier employees, reduced healthcare costs, reduced employee turnover and more. Reviewing these advantages can help solidify your decision to build the fitness center.

Ask your Employees

Would your employee exercise at an onsite facility? This is an important question because you don’t want to invest in a workplace fitness area if it is empty most days of the week. Send out a brief employee survey asking about current employee fitness habits, interest in an onsite facility and satisfaction with the company’s current list of benefits.

The results of the employee survey can provide valuable insight into whether a fitness facility is a worthwhile investment for your business. The results can also tell you whether a different benefit would be more beneficial for employees.

Consider Legal Factors

As with any business decision, you should consider any legal factors that may exist with the addition of an onsite fitness facility. For example, you’ll need to learn whether the business will be responsible for any employee injuries that happen in the fitness facility. This is also the time to determine whether you’ll need to increase the company’s insurance coverage after the fitness facility is complete.

Take Action

If you decide that an onsite fitness facility is required in your business, the next step is to take action. Decisions to make during this phase of the project include creating the facility’s layout, deciding whether a fitness team will staff the facility, how many hours the facility will be open each day and more. You’ll also need to draft a communication plan to announce the service to your employees.

Building an on-site fitness facility can be a significant business decision. But it can also be a beneficial decision. Learn more about the potential benefits offered by a fitness facility to both you and your employees. Then, take the proper course of action to build an onsite facility that’s an appropriate match for your company.