Every girl wants to be unique and perfect on their prom night.  They always look forward to this special moment in their life. When the prom is right around the corner, girls are giggling, wanting to make sure everything will be impeccable. One of the most important things considered as the highlight of the night is your prom dress.

1. A typical voluminous prom dress will look ideal on just about any type of girl but you will have to try harder to find the perfect dress.

2. Colors play a tricky role on choosing the best prom for you.  Fair-skinned girls must choose pastels hues like pink and lavender. If you want contrast then you should try navy blue or dark green. Avoid using white as will make you look washed out. But there are some exceptions to this rile like a lacy white dress will be definitely lulu but some people might say that it looks like a wedding dress. Red will always look good yet fierce on any girl. This tone is a way to go and will undoubtedly make a statement.

3. If you won a medium skin tone, olive green or dark purple is for you. Another color you could dwell on is the orange. If you done a white gown, this will bring the richness of your skin tone and it is the same with dark-skinned teens. Dark skinned girl have the most choices of colors to choose from.  Any colors that will help the flatter their skin tone but always remember to wear the right accessories that can make those colors work.

4. The body shape plays a crucial part in picking out a designer dress.  You must make sure you go with gown that flatters you.  For example, if you are tall and skinny, wear empire waist dresses. These types of dresses will turn you into a goddess-like appeal since they are so flowy.

5. If you have a curvy but not full figured body shape, go for tight and curve hugging dresses that flow out towards the bottom.  There are commonly called the mermaid dresses. You’ll definitely look stunning with the typical voluminous princess-like prom dresses.

6. If you are blessed with a full-figured, with full confidence wear an empire waist dress will gracefully cover your stomach. You can also wear princess-like prom because it will balance out your body proportions.

7. If you are petite, then choose mermaid like dress. You have the dress shortened if it is too long for you.  Fortunately, short prom dresses are all the rage right now.  They are perfect for you!

8. Never forget to get the right accessories, hairstyles and of course confidence. These things are what you really need to achieve the magical moment you have longing for. offers a large variety of designer cocktail attire, party dresses, formal gowns, premier evening wear and beyond, so you’re sure to find something that is absolutely amazing. Check out our best prom fashions today.