The modern generation is too crazy about bikes and they simply love to have a specimen of the modern launches. In that case, there is a good amount of haste and demand in the biking industry. The place is occupied with about fifty percent of the population comprising the youth. Both men, as well as the women, love the terrific versions of the bikes as they give a wild acquaintance to the riders and such a bold appearance seduces the bike lovers to fall in love with the particular models. For those who are a bit choosy about colour specifications, the bike comes up with some ideal and unique colour variations. The new Suzuki gixxer sf is available in the most contrasting colours, namely the glass sparkle black, pearl mirage red and the special edition presenting the metallic triton blue.

A sporty and premium look is gladly specified by the lens indicator that is mostly indulged in providing a wild charm to the bike. The one hundred and fifty-five cc engine add more power and fuel efficiency to the model. The bike does not make any compromise with its looks and it perfectly matches the pinstripe wheels that add a bonus to the outlook of the model. It also features with the SEP technology and the advanced modifications in the bike are greatly appreciated by all the Suzuki aspirers. The fairing of the bike produces a design that provides maximum wind protection to the riders. It also makes no kind of compromise in reducing the turbulence and drag to the system. Thus, the bike assures the riders to deliver a great aerodynamic efficiency.

The sporty and premium look provides a futuristic look to the aluminium exhaust and the muffler cover gives a sharp contrast to the model. The edgy look does not set a limit to the simplicity of the bike. It is available in a wide range of colours and you can easily make out a versatile and adorable grandeur to the model. The punchy engine provides a great deal of power and torque, while the ultra lightweight gives it another reason to be the favourite of the riders.

One can easily move and handle the bike with a handy appeal. You shall not require putting too much of effort in order to handle the bike. It is absolutely easy and thus the user can easily park it. The company claims the kerb mass of the motorbike to be around one hundred and thirty-nine kg. The bike provides adequate space to the seaters and you can comfortably avoid congestion. Moreover, the bike has also got a one hundred and sixty mm ground clearance that assures the user to prevent the risk of getting into any sort of dangerous circumstances. The disc brakes are located both at the front and rear position of the bike and the bikes resemble the perfect sense of fashion and spirit. The streets are eagerly waiting to feel the experience and offer you a smooth ride on the Indian terrain. The specifications also consist of disc brakes and mono shock suspension offer a shock absorber that has played a great role in introducing the shock avoiding mechanisms. They also offer a realistic ride that offers an amazing ride full of enthusiasm.

Make the streets feel the presence of your enthusiastic ride and the let the rest of the riders analyse the thrill you have been experiencing with the continuous acceleration ahead. The nearest showrooms compose all the themes of your joyous ride. Visit it and get the colour of Suzuki gixxer sf that you love!