Sometimes, it can be really challenging to stay beautiful and well-organized during the trip. Sure enough, girls worry about how they look even more than guys. And, of course, they want to look great always. They really go crazy about how many pairs of shoes to pack and how to feel sexy on a crowded place during the group excursion. Female backpacking is as important as female car rental. Girls are very choosy when it comes to picking a right car for a road trip. Rent a car in Dallas Love Field airport and solve your rental dilemma. You can find such a reliable rental spots at every big city almost in every country. If you want to shorten the process of rental, you can use online car rental app. But if you want to stay beautiful and look fresh during the trip, follow these advices.

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  1. Watch your make up and never make it melt!

It’s not funny when your makeup melts! Of course, all your balms and makeup substances melt in length of time. How much time do you have? It depends on weather conditions and manufacturers. You should remember that your road trip is not the opera’s opening night. You need minimum makeup on your face. But try to stop the car and fix your makeup at least two times a day.

  1. Have a flexible wardrobe!

Be flexible when you are traveling! That means you don’t need to overload your car with tones of dresses to change them every day and look nice. It is better to take a couple of shorts, skirts, shirts, and panties. You can combine them and mix up as you like. And…nobody notices when you wear the same costume every evening if you wear it in a difference place each time.

  1. Use your bra as a secret safe!

Do you wear your bra? If so, you have a chance to look good and get a secret place to keep a few notes of emergency cash there. Of course, you may not need it. But who knows what will happen on the road.

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  1. Buy travel size bottles!

To look fresh and beautiful you have to take many different jars and bottles of cosmetic units. Dozens and dozens of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, creams, and serums don’t make your luggage easy to carry. Some of them are really heavy! You should buy so-called travel size bottles for your shampoo and other cosmetic goodies. If you don’t want to buy anything like that, you can try to collect some little bottles of your own.

  1. Share luggage!

Traveling girls always take as much luggage as they can carry and even more. There is a smart advice for two or three girls traveling together. Try to share your luggage! Of course, when you travel by rental car you don’t think of how heavy your valise is. But if you have to change your route or transport, you’d better have a smaller valise, indeed.

  1. Use alternative beautifications!

Every country has something special to offer for beauty lovers. Even traveling to the next state you can find an atmospheric massage salon, a beauty shop, or an aromatic herbal shampoo you will surely like. So, take your chance even if you are not actually prepared. Just don’t be afraid to stop the car at the SPA hotel entrance and take the most of your trip.

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  1. Limit your shoes luggage!

Your packing list mostly depends on where you are going. When you start thinking of your future trip you can’t stop but think up a suitable excuse for taking as much footwear as possible. Stop! You probably need no more than three types of footwear. It can be a pair of flip flops for beach or hotel pool, casual sneakers, and a pair of ballet pumps in case you want to go out. Planning hiking, cycling, or any other activity, you may additionally need a pair of tracking boots.

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  1. Forget about foundation!

As we already told about the travel makeup, it is necessary to add something about the foundation. Ladies, there is a golden rule for every female traveler: the more you use foundation, the more your care your skin needs during the trip. That’s why don’t overdo! Traveling in summer or somewhere to the hot country try to skip makeup at all. Let your skin breather and enjoy the sun around.

As you can see, there are no special tricks and secrets on how to take care of your beauty during the trip. Just try to eat healthy food and don’t even think to stop your car at the fast food restaurants. Again, don’t overdo with home cosmetics. You can easily find a nice beauty shop or even a beauty salon on arrival.