Don’t be so assured that you are the only one who has skin issues. Your bathroom may already be overflowed with many skin products which may or may not help you. They might’ve cost you a fortune, but your problems haven’t been solved. You must be careful with your skin, not only it’s your biggest organ but it’s also the first line of defence against the world around you. And, in addition, it is connecting all your organs into one single, working unit.

So, how to deal with skin irritation, redness, acne, itching, or any other skin issue? What to do to prevent this from happening?

Harmful Chemicals

Most Common Skin Irritants

We are used to wash our hands because it keeps us healthy. However, many do not know that it’s not good to be ‘too clean’ after all. Of course it’s important to wash your hands before every meal and when you get home from work, but washing then every time you touch money, for example, is just too much. Skin on your hands is very thin and sensitive and it has its own oil which is secreted to prevent your skin from drying. Therefore, by excessive washing of your hands, after a while, your skin will began to crack.

Be very careful when you clean your bathroom or your kitchen and try to wear protecting gloves. You might already be familiar with many of these chemicals such as laundry or dish detergent, all purpose cleaners, toilet cleaners, window or glass cleaners, drain cleaners etc. Make sure you are wearing gloves it in order to spear your hands from these dangerous chemicals.

Natural Clothing Materials

Our clothes are in direct contact with our skin. That is why it’s very important to carefully choose materials for our clothes. What is comfortable to wear and what to avoid? Although they are natural, rough materials such as wool can irritate your skin and cause itching. It is proven and well known that cotton is the most complementary to your skin due to its smoothness and sensitivity, so do not hesitate and fill your wardrobe with cotton clothes.

If you’re into ‘green’ stuff you can also check bamboo clothing. Hemp materials have long been used for the production of clothing and footwear. It was well known for its durability. Today it also protects your skin from irritation, it’s eco-friendly material and looks great too.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Most Common Skin Irritants

Your skin is exposed to different weather conditions. It might be dealing with extreme heat or unbearable coldness and can be damaged because of it. Your skin cracks because it’s not protected or oiled. At summertime sun can be very dangerous, UV radiation can cause serious burns so it’s recommendable to use sunscreen for protection during sunny hours.

When it comes to winter, coldness makes your skin dry so you have to oil it before going out. Your face is more exposed, so make sure to protect it while it’s still time.

There are many other things which can affect your skin as well. Make sure you visit your dermatologist in order to check what is best for your skin type.