Quite often, many doctors in the medical field recommend surgery for back pain. Surgery that treats back pain comes with a lot of pain in itself and requires month to recover and usually the back pain is reduced only long after the recovery of surgery takes place. In the end, you can accumulate the same amount of pain like you felt before surgery took place in as little as a couple of years after the procedure. You can go through this painful process just to return right to where you started!

Inversion Therapy Helps Eliminate Medical Surgery For Back Pain

There is a much better solution that can eliminate the need for surgery. Inversion table therapy is probably the best solution to eliminating back pain and feeling better in as little as three weeks! Probably the best part in all this is if you suffer from regular back pain and you start using the inversion table on a daily basis, you can live without back pain for many years and even decades without even thinking about surgery!

Between the years 2003 and 2006, Newcastle University in England conducted a study and researched the power of inversion therapy. For this study, they rounded up 22 patients that suffered from sciatica that was caused by the protrusion of a vertebrae disk. For each person, their doctor recommended the common back surgery and may have not realized that they could have better results by using the inversion table.

These people for the study were placed into two separate groups, one group getting regular physical therapy and inversion therapy and the other only getting the physical therapy. The results of the study showed us that the group that included inversion therapy into their routine received a much better result than the group that didn’t. Here are the results of the same study:

The people who only did physical therapy, 78% still had to pick up the option for back surgery.

For the other people who included inversion therapy into their routine, only 23% of them reconsidered their option for back surgery. 77% of these people in this group were saved by inversion therapy and the need of undergoing the painful procedure of back surgery!

Even though there are some side effects of using an inversion table and all too often these same things have little effect on the person, you can buy an inversion table today and live pain-free for the rest of your life!

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We can conclude from this study that inversion therapy is indeed effective and a viable option that can eliminate any kind of back pain and the need for the ineffective common back surgery!

In fact, inversion tables are not that expensive when you compare the costs with the costs of physical therapy or back surgery. If you know where to look, click here, you can find the best inversion table that you need.