Technology is rapidly changing each and every day and consumers are constantly purchasing the latest gadgets and gizmos to make our lives easier. There is literally technology available to do everything! The world is changing and even the smallest of tasks is made easier by a gadget or an application on a mobile device. Since we all have a home, this article will discuss the smart technological gadgets which make home life a little easier. You may find a few gadgets that will help you in your home!

Cloudless Key Entry

When arriving home from the grocery store or clothes shopping, it can be difficult to unlock the door. Especially if your arms are loaded down with bags and packages. There is actually technology that makes this process a little easier. Cloudless Key Entry is a unique way to lock and unlock the doors to your home.

key entry

A deadbolt system is installed in your home and you then have hardware installed. Alphanumeric keys are then given to you and an app is used on a mobile device to unlock and lock your doors without the use of a physical key.

LG Smart Washer

It can be very annoying to forget a load of clothes in the washer. Clothes can quickly become stinky and moldy from the washing process. However with a LG Smart Washer you can use your mobile device to monitor the progress of your load and even use voice commands. This option is great for busy moms or even dads to be able to keep a continual watch on those pesky laundry loads!

Smart Wall-Sockets

Most homes have ordinary wall outlets used for plugging up your devices and gadgets. When charging certain items, you need a special connector that plugs into your device and then into a plug to the outlet. with Smart Wall-Sockets, the USB ports are already installed so you simply plug your device into this portion of the outlet.

Baby Monitoring

When a child is born, the parent does everything they can to keep their child safe. This includes installing pricey baby monitoring gadgets. INstead of using expensive monitors, why not use a mobile device? With the Baby Monitor 3G app, you can place a mobile phone in one room and use another device such as an iPad in the room with you to be able to monitor your baby while they sleep!

Plant Monitoring

If you have a green thumb, then there are even special gadgets to help you with your hobby. With the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor you can easily monitor your plant and its progress. You will be alerted of water needs, temperature and light needs and so much more. The device even alerts you to exact needs of a plant based on the climate and species.

Any of these devices can help you live an easier lifestyle. Take a look at what you enjoy and how these gadgets and other options can help you in everyday life. For more details, please check irobot promo code and best promo codes.