Achieving a luxury look in your home is easier than you think, once you know how. Modern luxe décor is bang on trend this season, with much inspiration taken from our Scandinavian friends who seem to perfect the affordable, glamorous look. Here are 8 simple ways to achieve the luxe look at home:


Statement Accessories

There’s nothing quite like an elegant statement accessory to draw attention from the rest of the room. Adding a statement piece such as a striking chandelier lampshade or luxuriously soft rug can instantly add perceived value to your home. It’s an easy way to add a sense of opulence in your room without spending too much money.


Add Textures

Adding contrasting textures to a room gives a classy feel straight out of an interior design magazine. Mix velvet, faux fur and texturized curtains for lavish, alternative room décor. By simply adding a few key texturized pieces to any room will make it look more coordinated and well thought out.


Create A Centrepiece

One of the best examples of a centrepiece is a glossy clear glass coffee table, always a popular feature in many people’s homes. A centrepiece draws the viewers eye to a certain point, gold or monochrome furniture also works well for this.


Add A Metallic Shimmer

Copper has been one of the most used trends this year, bringing moody hues and a dark, intense glamour to any room. Geometric designed lamps or ornaments are commonly formed from copper because if the delicate shimmering touch it brings to the space.


Use Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are a wonderful way to add a little luxe to your home. Look into the types of blinds and hard furnishings you can find in pastel colours to keep it a permanent, bright feature in your home. Blush pinks and soft yellow’s work well, particularly when partnered with deep maroons or dark blues.


Marble Accessories

Marble accessories are a quick way of taking your home décor to the next level. No, it doesn’t need to be real marble! Even marble coated worktops or tables look incredibly sleek and stylish. White marble also lifts the room, a great addition to any room that may not get as much sunlight.


Invest In Artwork

It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate pieces, but the addition of artwork can make your room look more refined and sophisticated. The great thing about artwork is that it fits into any theme, in any room. Shop around for pieces that you think will suit your home, it could even be something you buy from a local artist.


Fresh Flowers

Greenery and fresh flowers make the home feel alive and vibrant. Pick a few succulents that require very little care to place in your kitchen and bathroom. Save fresh flowers for rooms where you entertain your guests like your living room or the hallway for a superb scent as soon as you enter.