Visiting the dentist and brushing teeth can sometimes feel like a big chore. Most of us tend to brush our teeth, but many of us do not brush that well or bother with flossing or mouth wash. Quite a few people do not visit the dentist either, perhaps because of the cost or the fact that they are frightened of the dentist. However, there are many benefits to caring for your teeth.


Clean teeth look very much more attractive than dirty ones. Brushing our teeth is not always enough to keep them looking clean. 15686919_sThey may be clean, but they can get stained with red wine, tea, coffee and from smoking. This can leave them looking nasty and so a visit to the dentist or hygienist for a through clean, scale and whitening can make a huge difference. Using a good toothpaste, floss and brushing regularly can also make the teeth look a lot better.

You may also find that you will get bad breath if you do not look after your teeth well. This is something that can be embarrassing and put people off wanting to spend time with you. It may even stop you being able to attract a partner. It can lower self esteem and so it is important to know how to look after your teeth well and make sure that there is no infection in the mouth.


There are links between tooth decay and heart disease. It is felt that the infection in the teeth can cause bacteria to get in to the body and cause damage the effects the heart, however, this has not been conclusively proved. There is a trend though that people with infection in the mouth so seem to be more prone to heart disease. It is not difficult to look after the teeth and if it can help your health this much, then it is well worth it.


The cost of going to the dentist and buying good toothpaste can seem very high. However, the cost of tooth whitening, fillings, dentures or tooth implants is even higher. Therefore it is well worth looking after teeth so that these costs do not have to be incurred. If course, you could just pull the teeth yourself and leave a gap, but not only do you risk infection and pain, but it also will not look good at all.

Therefore it is well worth keeping your teeth and gums really healthy. This is possible by brushing for two minutes at the beginning and end of the day and flossing at the end of the day. You should see the dentist once a year. Some people are more prone to problems with their teeth than others and so they may need to see the dentist more often. The cost of this will not add up to that much, especially compared with the costs to your appearance, health and finances if you do not look after your teeth.

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