coffee-sep-gp-article-2Are you interested in purchasing your first set of home enema equipment? If so then you’d do well to consider the fact that holistic experts generally recommend getting one that is made from silicone. Why exactly is this so?

Now in this article, we’ll briefly go over a number of excellent reasons why you ought to think about getting a silicone enema kit. Granted it can cost twice as much as one that is made from say rubber or plastic but most people would agree that its well worth the investment. Anything less can actually end up costing you more than you’ve anticipated.

The merits of buying silicone enema kits

Now as often mentioned by reputable online stores like “Coffee Enemas Australia” that sells home enema kits and supplies, people don’t necessarily have to invest a small fortune on their home enema devices. However, you’ve got to be reasonable about it; while you can buy one that is made from PVC or plastic for cheap, it’s a bad idea if you’re going to be using time and again. The said material is generally reserved for disposable enemas which explains the low cost. However it can be tempting to opt for these enema kits if you’re only looking to try out. Just use it exactly as it was intended and dispose of it after every use.

Of course if you’re reading this then you’re probably not interested in disposable enemas and looking for something that you can safely use over and over again. If so then silicone enema kits are definitely your best bet.

Silicone enema bags are extremely recommended when it comes to home enema devices as its among the purest products that you can use for colon cleansing. Silicone is a non poisonous material unlike its more affordable PVC or plastic counterparts. You can use it repeatedly for at least 5 years or so without having to change anything. Hence many people would concur that it’s well worth the investment and added expense.

Silicon won’t leech chemicals; essential specifically when you’re wanting to detox your body from the inside out. By reusing  a plastic enema kit, you can end up doing quite the opposite with dangerous consequences.

Would you like to learn more? Check out websites like and find out how silicone enema kits compare with other home enema equipment made from different materials.