During our trip, we actually need to bring much less than what we expect. People may carry too much stuff when they don’t have a clue about things that they really need. Often, a small versatile backpack is all what we need when are traveling to distant countries. Traveling light can really make a world of difference. Packing light wouldn’t only benefit our back, but also our mind. With only a versatile, light backpack, we could still be able to enjoy many things in life and we should rethink ten times whether we really need to bring an item to distant countries. Bringing or not bringing something can also make a huge difference. By carrying less, we will be able to enjoy plenty of flexibility. Many people say that they want to pack light, but they end up hauling a couple of huge luggage. When traveling, our backpack is essentially our life. The smaller and lighter it is, the better for us. Many travelers may not realize that there are many things that can be bought in the destination country. It’s true that wearing the same set of clothing for a week is disgusting and uncomfortable, but lightweight clothing can dry much faster and we are able to wash them in the sink of our hotel bathroom.

Lighter clothing could also be rolled, saving a lot of space in our backpack. Many travelers bring more clothing than what’s needed and they end up not wearing them. It is better to choose clothing that can be cleaned and dried easily. We may choose hotels that provide balcony, where we can dry our clothing outside. Hostels often have backyard that can be used to hang our clothes. By packing light, we could reserve empty space in our backpack. This will provide us with enough room to bring some gifts for our family and relatives. Some backpack may shrink to much smaller size when not fully loaded. When we put gifts into empty compartments, our backpack will increase in size to provide enough space. Even so, we should use common sense by purchasing relatively compact gifts. Bulky and big backpack won’t easily be put into any public transport. When the bus is crowded, travelers with huge backpack often need to wait for emptier bus. It won’t be safe if the backpack is placed on top or on the back of the bus. We won’t be comfortable with the fact that the bag is out of our sight. Light backpack will also make it much easier for us to stroll through a town to look for the most appropriate hostel.

Whatever we do, we should make sure that we are comfortable to move from one village to another. This can be achieved if we pack light and our life would be much easier when we easily hop from town to town. Big backpack could also cause us to stick out of the crowd and we won’t be as confident.