With the time, Samsung got the chance to over come the iPhone and in some sense, Samsung manages to get the success but still the war is no over. Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 won the war between the iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4. May be, this year or next year, Apple will plan something different and launch a really good iPhone which would crush the actions of iPhone. But the good news is that Samsung has started experimenting the modules of next generation Samsung Galaxy S7 device that would definitely crush the future generations iPhone that would be launched in 2015 and 2016.

Slowly, with the time Samsung is picking the best of all companies for example the metal design from the Apple iPhone series, which could be witness in the Galaxy Alpha series and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. But still Samsung is not leaving its old design, which could be the negative impact on the whole companies future results and success. As people are expecting more and more compactness, which are resulting in lateral slots for, SIM and memory card support, rumors about a permanently installed battery because these all inserts were always hidden in the previous Galaxy S smartphone with a back cover.

Samsung Galaxy S7 The iPhone Crusher!

Samsung Galaxy S6 and its offshoot with curved display that it’s S Edge would be available in four colors. The choices are: dark blue, blue-green, gold and white. Anyone can imagine nothing underneath. But nothing new if we talk about the colors, smartphone companies should experiment with the new colors. It seems like, instead of relying on flashy colors, Samsung so rather subtler colors seem to use the Galaxy S7 and at least blue-green is a color that Samsung has not been used in the past.

The fact that the Galaxy S7 to finally end the reign of the plastic at Samsung, you can hear for some time. The sources suggest that Galaxy S7 will be made ??of a metal casting. This is over the time replaceable battery with Samsung. Only the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is to come up with at least one rounded side of the display, will have a plastic back, which can be removed but all this is based on the rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will adorn Gorilla Glass 4 on the reverse side could be the perfect match. What we stopped first for a strange rumor is now confirmed again, this time by DDaily in South Korea. Such a step would highly unexpected and would certainly polarize. If Samsung would so do such case with S6 then simply it hints towards the Galaxy S7 the same.

The new design, which is leaked for the S6, reminds unsurprisingly strongly to the iPhone 6 but we expect to see more changes in the Galaxy S7 as the revolution of Samsung smartphone designs is just started. And expecting the S7at the end of 2015 then we might not be wrong, but according to Samsung’s schedule it is too early