One of the first decisions made ​​when developing a Web project involves choosing a suitable domain name for the website.

“The domain will be the brand that we represent you in the network.”

Choose lightly a domain name can bring future failures in promoting a strategy site. To do this we must take into account certain factors that will make our website always is on the “short list” of our potential customers.

A Domain Name that Represents who I am

Choosing the right name for a website is processes similar to that of create a brand name. We perfectly understand from our company or project.

Who is our target audience? What is the purpose of our site? , what has my Web that has no competition Web? What is the vision and mission of my web project etc.; are some questions to help us make a brainstorm that will lead to a preliminary list of domain names. After obtaining the provisional list, we will discard those domain names that do not meet certain efficiency factors. To remove non-viable alternative domain name we suggest you follow these recommendations:

Long or Short Domain Names

Although many domain registration portals allow a maximum of 63 characters, not try to get your domain name approaches such character length. As a good brand, a domain name should be easy to remember. For this reason the best work domains short than long. Also the longer a domain is, the more likely that an error occurs while a potential client writes.

Try to choose the shortest domain name that your customers and visitors might associate with your business.

“We suggest that the domain name is below 7 characters if possible.”

There are long names that can be remembered easily. Domain names are normally represented by simple and easy to memorize phrases. For example, a domain name like “” is long but easy to remember.

Domains that Rank Well in the Search Engines

The domain name can become an ally in putting your Web site in the top positions of search engines. The algorithms of the search engines take into account (among other factors) the domain name to locate a page rank results.

For example, if you sell diabetic socks and your domain name is “www.” that will add a point to your website comes in the top list of search engines for the phrase search “diabetic socks”

Remember that you only have one domain so it can compete strongly for a single key word search.

“Discuss what the word that best summarizes their activity is and try if you can place it as a domain name.”

Characters are not Recommended in a Domain Name

Exist certain domain names that despite being short are hard to remember because the combination of letters is not familiar to the vocabulary of potential customers. For example, a “” domain is short but very difficult to remember because it contains a combination of letters rarely used in our vocabulary.

It is also advisable to avoid numbers in the domain. Whenever we have to say it orally, we must specify whether we refer to the number or the word. For example, if I have the domain “” I have to say when it as “” or “www.” refers.

It is also recommended not to use media and underscores. It is easy to forget the hyphens when writing the name of a domain. It is also hard to remember what kind of script is named for a particular domain. Equally cumbersome to read or make a domain with multiple scripts.

Avoid using abbreviations. The use of any mode of contraction will result in a bit to remember and difficult to relate to your business or particular activity domain.

Try typing on the keyboard the domain name you chose preliminarily.

Analyze whether it is easy to enter and there is likely to be wrong to write it. Also try to read it aloud and analyze if simple memorize.

Looking for the Appropriate Extension: com, net, is, org, etc.

The .com today are easier to remember and more used by default by the Internet. If you cannot register .com there .net extension is also easy to remember.

For the scope of your business covering a single country, we also recommend opting for country domain extension (ccTLD: country code top level domain) such as .com, or .fr.

At the level of the search engines have an extension of a country makes our portal exit at best positions for geo search.

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Other Recommendations:

If your domain name is difficult to write register domain names related to the typical mistakes made when the domain name of your website is written. Redirect additional domains to the main domain. This ensures that those internet users who type with slight errors your domain name reach your site.

Your domain name should be the name of the Web page. This advice seems obvious but be surprised at the large number of cases where the name does not match the goal with the specific domain name.

If the name of your domain is a plural, it is advisable to also record the singular and redirect. It is possible that some of your prospects write the singular domain name when searching for your website.