Construction related activities involve lots of risks. Workers doing their work at heights may fall victim to wounds if any brick or something else suddenly falls on them. They themselves could fall. Likewise sand, cement or other things may harm their eyes. As such perfect care is a must to safeguard them. The state authorities suggest the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Courses including the sssts course London for their workers that are usually responsible for supervision of the entire task.

Safety Training And Significance Of Sssts Course In Construction

Types of safety courses – Generally two types of safety training programs are meant for construction related tasks:

Site Management Safety Training (SMSTS) – It is meant for the project managers, site managers and supervisors. Running usually for five days, this course facilitates the knowledge and correct skills for ensuring safe working environment for the workers. Basic knowledge about Construction Design & Management Regulations, Health and Safety at Work Act, safety behavior, risk assessment methods and working with electricity and height is provided to the participants. The participant is bestowed the CITB Site Safety Plus certificate.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course (SSSTS) – It is aimed at providing knowledge to the supervisors or the ones likely to become the supervisors. This training program helps in raising awareness about the legal responsibilities of a supervisor to the guys working under him or her. Usually lasting for two days, this training program helps the supervisors to become aware about their legal responsibility towards the welfare, safety, health and environmental issues as far as other people around him or her are concerned. This safety program includes factory floor issues including the specific problems faced by the supervisors and safe behavioral practices. The supervisors are able to know about the Health and Safety at Work act and risk assessment skills that are necessary to recognize and prevent the possible accidents during the construction work. Skills about safe working conditions like use of equipment, risk assessment including working in confined spaces or with electricity are also taught to the supervisors. They learn the basics about working in demolition and with the associated occupational health issues. They receive the Construction Skills Site Safety Plus certificate on completion of the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course like the sssts course London. 

Benefits of SSSTS courses – Aimed at facilitating basic skills to the site supervisors regarding safety of all concerned, such safety training programs are beneficial as under as far as construction industry is concerned:

  • Assess the risks.
  • Focus on implementing control measures.
  • Effective communication for safety of all concerned.
  • Monitoring of the control measures and ensuring perfect working.
  • Knowledge about health and safety acts AND approved codes of practice & guidelines.
  • Systems related to health and safety issues.
  • Types, causes and numbers of accidents.

As regards the sssts course London, it is mainly aimed at facilitating the requisite skills to the supervisors within the construction industry in terms of Build UK (formerly UK Contractors Group) Health and Safety Training Standard.