Childhood is wrought with dangers because children are physically vulnerable and naturally curious. It is up to parents to teach safety to help prevent common accidents. Here are important safety tips to impart to children as early as possible.

Safety Tips Parents Should Teach Their Kids Starting At A Young Age

Poison Safety

Kids explore the world through all senses and this includes taste. Unfortunately, this means children are susceptible to accidental poisoning. Teach kids as soon as possible that most items should not be taste-tested and might make them very sick. This includes indoor or outdoor plants, all medicines and even things that look like food or candy. Make sure children know that they should always ask an adult about things they are tempted to eat or put into their mouth. Unless you or another trusted adult says it is safe, the child must not eat it or even taste it.

Preventing Fires and Burns

Fire can be fascinating to children and it can be deadly. Teach children to tell an adult if they find matches or a lighter. When children are old enough to understand more details, explain how easy it is for a small fire to get out of hand and turn into a big fire.

Stranger Safety

Teach kids that they should never go anywhere with a stranger, no matter what the stranger says. When children are old enough to remember a code word, you can add that unless the stranger knows this word then the child should not go anywhere with them and should seek help. It is helpful to practice scenarios so children know the common tricks bad strangers might use, such as strangers asking a child for directions and pretending not to be able to hear them unless they get into the car.

Crossing the Street Safely

Teach them to cross only at designated crosswalks or intersections and to look both directions at least twice to make sure no cars are coming. In addition, teach them to cross only when the light is green at intersections or the walk sign indicates it is safe to do so. If they are on a bicycle, they should walk it across the street instead of riding it across. This will help prevent injuries from drivers that don’t see them at first. If they are injured, it’s important to speak to Utah bicycle accident attorneys. Finally, they should watch out for fall hazards in roads, such as obstacles, potholes or patches of snow or ice.

Electrical Safety

Electrical shock hazards exist nearly everywhere in the home. Teach young kids never to pull on electrical cords or play around wall outlets. When kids are older, explain things such as the dangers of electrical currents and water, and how to plug cords safely into outlets.

The point is not to raise kids who are frightened of the world but to help kids avoid danger. One of the best ways to do this is to offer increasingly detailed safety information as the child develops. This prevents mystery from surrounding things like poisons, fire or electricity and can facilitating calm understanding in your child.