If you live in the vicinity of Clinton, Maryland in America and do not maintain regular appointments with your dentist like most people, you could end up suffering from a serious health disorder. Medical practitioners who specialize in various fields including dentistry are of the opinion that it is important for you to maintain a proper hygienic oral healthcare regime. This is because such a personal habit can go a long way in preventing many respiratory and cardiovascular aliments. You are also less likely to become a victim of diabetes. They say that there is a direct correlation between clean healthy teeth and general health.

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Clinton family dentistry experts explain that maintaining a good hygienic oral healthcare regime not only helps you to maintain your bright white smile but can have the following important advantages:

Maintaining healthy heart

If you do not clean your teeth thoroughly every morning, it could lead a serious gum disease because of bacterial exposure. While you may think that this is a trivial aliment, it has the potential to lead to a major cardiovascular disorder in the long run. This is because the present of this microorganism over a long time can enhance inflammation throughout your body, which may have grave consequences for your heart.

Healthy pregnancy

Pregnant women should need fail to maintain their regular appointments with the dentist if they want to deliver a healthy child. Moreover, medical experts who specialize in gynecology and pediatrics say expecting mothers with poor oral healthcare regime are at a risk of giving birth to babies with a low body weight. These newborns may suffer from developmental and behavioral problems at a later stage. In the addition to this, they may be vulnerable to asthma, infections of the ear and birth abnormalities.


Clinton family dentistry professionals go on to explain that maintaining clean teeth and gums can act as a catalyst in preventing the diabetes. This is because when you suffer from periodontitis, the bacteria causing the infection generate toxins that enhance the glucose levels in your blood. Moreover, they also make you resistant to insulin.

Detect symptoms of oral cancer

During a regular check-up, dentists make it point to examine the soft tissues in your mouth and determine whether or not they are healthy. These medical practitioners also go out of their way to inspect the regions of your gums, lips, tongue and cheeks to detect any suspicious symptoms. A pancancerous ulcer make appear either a tiny white or deep red patch that may not cause you any problems. However, these doctors have the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise to identify whether they are the early indications of oral cancer. This type of early detection is critical for the proper treatment and cure of this fatal disease.

Clinton family dentistry specialists further explain that brushing your teeth regularly twice a day does more than just clean your teeth and refreshes your breath. In addition to the above essential benefits, it also indicates that you have just eaten your meals. This help you with your portion control and maintaining your body weight.