There are many good tourist destinations located a convenient distance from your hotel and right after you have completed your Rome Ciampino airport transfer, you can get out and begin exploring. But for starters, the safest and most satisfying spots are those that not only fill your soul, but also excite the senses. Here are some worth considering.

Freshest Seafood and Produce at the Piazza Vittorio Market


The market hall at the Piazza Vittorio is a huge favourite among locals and foreigners who know where to find good ingredients and great bargains. You can go straight to this marketplace after completing your Rome Ciampino airport transfer and throw yourself into the midst of some typical Italian culture. Divided into two major sections (one for all types of food and the other for textiles and clothing), the market hall serves a diverse global clientele. No wonder you will find the freshest seafood and produce here, as well as other ingredients you might need in creating international dishes.

Wine-tasting at the Minardi Vineyard

You have probably passed by the rolling hills and extensive vineyards so many times on your previous visits to the country. You do not have to admire them from a distance, as a few minutes after your Rome Ciampino airport transfer you can go straight to one of the excellent farms and vineyards, known as old Minardi’s. Here, the family who runs the vineyard and farmhouse go to great lengths to entertain, delight and make visitors feel most welcome. The family hosts a special private tour of their property, from which you will learn the art and science of making wine as well as the daily affairs of a vineyard such as this. And as if that is not enough, the owner will also have a lunchtime chat with guests and all questions are entertained.

The Stunning Beauty Surrounding Castel Gandolfo

One of the most famous destinations in Italy, Castel Gandolfo, as the summer residence of the Pope himself, is not really low profile. Compared with its more crowded counterparts in the city proper, however, this is the place to go for those who prefer something quieter and more relaxing. What is more, it is easily reachable immediately after arriving on your Rome Ciampino airport transfer. The adjoining village is a delight for the senses with the quiet and quaint surrounding scenery breathtakingly gorgeous. You can buy a serving of Italian ice cream, sit on a bench, and just hang out, and it will still be an unforgettable experience. But what makes this place really inviting is how it overlooks the stunning Lake Albano. If somehow you failed in meeting the Pope at the castle, then simply spending time meditating by the lake should more than make up for it. The lake’s sheer beauty is a balm for the soul anytime of the day, but for the romantic visitors, nothing beats staring at the lake with the setting sun as the backdrop.