If you are involved with groups of young people in school or perhaps in an after school activity capacity and are searching for new ways to enhance their learning experience and provide more hands on opportunity, then why not consider embarking on one of the many student tours provided by the leading travel companies on the market? Offering some incredible trips, no matter what your subject of focus or the depth of learning you wish your group to be exposed to, these companies will guide you towards a trip to suit you.

Most of these companies provide excellent student tours to a huge variety of destinations and each one is carefully designed with the student groups in mind. Largely different to the average package holiday the student tours are planned so that large groups of young people can be accommodated accordingly. Travel companies have teams of professionals well versed in what is required when taking groups of young people away, and are on hand to help in every part of the booking process. Trips are designed with passion and commitment and that is why travel companies offering student tours are confident in their product.


Travel inspires minds, increases motivation and helps young people build confidence and develop on both a social and personal level. Educational advantages aside, students have the opportunity to explore a new country, push their own limitations and discover new and exciting experiences.

Most companies go to most destinations, with almost every subject being covered. Perhaps you have specific requirements for your groups or cannot find an itinerary that completely suits your needs and in which case a bespoke option can be designed for you. As a group escort you can be confident in the fact that all of the fine details of the trip will be taken care of with as much precision as the more practical aspects. Everything is designed with your group of students in mind and from the hotels used to the local guides employed you are assured that the students are the priority and everything will be suitable for accommodating them.

Munich and Bavaria

The UK is ideally located close to so many wonderful European countries that you do not have to travel far to feel like you are really away from home. Munich, the capital of Bavaria is one place that will get students motivated, excited and ready to learn more. Today the city has a modern feel and a vibrant atmosphere but once up a time it was subject to some terrible atrocities. The Dachau Concentration Camp is located in the city and students can visit to get a real insight into what life was like in the city during those tumultuous times. People from the camps were tortured in the most horrific ways and used as forced labour for the German ammunition processing plants. Times have thankfully changed and leaving the Concentration Camp behind students will be enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For an artistic tour of the city visit the Pinakotheks, which house a wonderful exhibition of art that ranges from German romanticism to paintings and graphic design. The world famous BMW has a fascinating museum in Munich and a visit here gives students the chance to appreciate the incredible technology and the innovative ideas involved in producing the BMW machines.

Munich is close to the lower slopes of the Alps where many of Germany’s finest fairy tale castles were built. The Scholss Neuschwanstein is one such castle and when you see it in all its glory it is easy to understand why it was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

There is much more to see in the city of Munich, and no matter what your subject of focus there is so much to do on a trip to this beautiful capital of Bavaria.