Whether you are moving or taking the ultimate road trip vacation, long-distance trips can be exciting adventures. Road trips can be risky, but by taking a few safety precautions, you will increase your chance of having a positive experience.

Road Trip Safety Things To Consider Before Driving Long Distances

Check Your Car

Before the vehicle leaves the driveway, check it to ensure that it is in top condition. If the car is due for maintenance, give it a tune-up and oil change before you go. Check the tire pressure, and look for signs of dry rot or unusual wear patterns. Dry rotted tires are more likely to blow out on the interstate. Tires in need of rotation will wear out faster, and they may decrease your fuel efficiency.

Plan for Sleep

Sleep-deprived drivers lack the awareness necessary to react quickly in emergency situations. If the driver falls asleep behind the wheel, the results could be deadly. Get plenty of rest the night before you travel. Devise a plan for how you will handle rest on the road. If there are multiple drivers in the car, determine how you will alternate so that there is always a fresh set of eyes on the road. Coffee and energy drinks can’t replace sleep.

Take Breaks

Take some time every few hours to get out and stretch your legs. At each stop, refill the gas tank. If you will be traveling through unfamiliar territory, you will not be certain about the distance between gas stations. Waiting until the gauge is on “E” and praying that you’ll find a place to refuel is an unnecessary risk. Give the vehicle a ‘once-over’ before you return to the road to confirm that everything is still in working order.

Keep Supplies Handy

Have a variety of healthy snacks and plenty of water on hand. You will need to stay hydrated, and a snack may boost your blood sugar if you are between meals. A first aid kit, blankets, and basic car care equipment will also help you stay safe. You may have to help someone along the way, or your car could break down in a place without cell phone reception. If you have supplies on hand, you can stay hydrated and fed until help arrives.

Try to anticipate hazards before you are faced with them. Take care of your vehicle and yourself, and you will have a successful and safe trip. Always remember that if you are injured in an accident on your trip that you should contact a Utah car accident lawyer. Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your finances after an accident are insured can be incalculable. Remember to stay safe and have fun whilst out on a vacation.