Cellulite is fat and can occur in both men and women; however, women are at a higher risk of developing cellulites especially on the buttocks and thighs. This is because these are the areas where the fat is stored and the skin is also thinner here. The subcutaneous adipose tissue that is placed under the skin is an active reserve of energy that is connected to the metabolism of the individual and is affected by caloric balance. When the caloric balance drops the reserve is reduced and when the balance increases the reserve gets increased. Hormonal and vascular illnesses, often activated by a sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, inappropriate nutrition, liver disease, fluid retention, and irregular bowel function combined in various ways, can poorly affect the adipose tissue.

Workouts and low fat diet cannot actually solve the cellulite problem. Often it can be seen that women in spite of doing long cardio workouts and dieting have the same saggy butt and thigh. With the advancement in the medical science and technology, a new technique known as Venus Freeze has come up which has been approved by FDA. Venus Freeze body transformation procedure offered by Sono Bello is a non-invasive treatment for sag skin on the body especially on the neck and face and cellulite. It includes magnetic pulses and radio frequency to arouse the production of elastin fibers and new collagen. These techniques have been used for many years in medicine and are recognized as safe technologies. This does not result in any side effects. The Venus Freeze treatment does not cause any pain or swelling and bleeding as the patients often feel like having a warm stone massage.

Reduce Cellulite Without Dieting

The physicians at Sono Bello review the patients’ medical history and their aesthetic goals to see if the treatment is right. This technique can be used on all types of skin as it does not use lights or lasers. However, it is important to inform the physician about the medications or natural health products that the patient is taking along with the underlying medical conditions. Venus Freeze can be used for treating the body parts such as face, arms, neck, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The best part of Venus Freeze is that one can carry on with the normal day to day activities and can even go to office after the treatment as it hardly takes thirty minutes.

The physicians at Sono Bello states that by taking the first three treatments one can notice a change but it is recommended to complete six treatments for the face and eight to ten treatments for the body as maximum benefit can be seen after all the treatment sessions are completed.

With Venus Freeze one can experience a firmer, more contoured appearance without the downtime of surgery as the problematic areas are shaped and lifted, skin is made tighter, wrinkles and creases are made softer, and cellulite is reduced. Thus, one can achieve a fit, smooth and toned body without the need of dieting.