The lemon diet exists more than 50 years, but its popularity has noticeably increased since Beyonce stated that she lost 20 pounds for the ‘’Dream girls’’ movie by following this diet.

The lemon diet is known by the name Master Cleanse diet and it is created moreover for body detoxification. It helps the body to remove all toxins and unnecessary substances taken by irregular nutrition, inactivity, and negative thought. Nowadays, it is used as a diet for quick weight loss.

The nutrition plan is very strict and is composed of only squeezed lemon juice and maple syrup. It will help you to lose 20 pounds, to look younger, to reduce the chronic pains, and to boost your energy. All these benefits are possible with only 10 days of the lemon diet.

The weight loss is inevitable if you stop eating and just consume low-calorie beverages. But, we should also admit that this diet is harmful for your health because it does not contain the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, fibers and carbohydrates.

A Diet That Is As Sensible As It Is Effective! - LEMON DIET!

What you can consume within the lemon diet?

Solid food and food supplements are not allowed!

You can only drink squeezed lemon juice or water with lemon in order to maintain the body hydration. You should drink squeezed lemon juice with maple syrup at least 6 times a day. Herbal tea is allowed in the evenings.

How to prepare the beverage?

  • 2 spoons freshly squeezed lemon
  • 2 spoons natural maple syrup
  • 1/10 spoon chilly pepper
  • 300 ml water

This diet is from 4 to 14 days and then you get back to the solid food such soup of vegetables, then the fruit, vegetables…

Due to the lack of calories it is inevitable to lose weight with the lemon diet. But, the chance to remove the water and the muscle mass instead of the fat is quite big. It is normal during the diet to have headaches, dizziness and even a diarrhea.

The popular nutritionists do not support this nutrition and they consider it is too strict and can only damage you. They also say that even the lost kilos will get back very quickly. Plus there is no proof that if we get rid of the toxins in the body we will be healthier.