Some data, whether deleted or lost, would not make much difference to us. While others are very valuable, they can have high value, be it financial – like files and work documents – or emotional – like family photos and videos. It is important that this data and information is not at the mercy of the HD, which is the equipment that processes and stores, and which, like any other equipment, is subject to failure.

By making an analogy, we can say that owning an HD backup and recovery solution is like paying for your car insurance. Already data recovery is how you hit the car without having insurance. There is much more to find data recovery solution at Salvagedata. Let us better understand how these two solutions work:

HD recovery

In the case of HD recovery, the loss of files resulting from human error – a formatting, for example – or equipment failure – breaks, burns, scratches, stops working – does not compromise the data and information contained in the HD. For this to be possible, the backup is a key part because it is the one who guarantees the redundancy of the data in another location, which will allow the data to be restored in a new medium.

Data recovery

Data recovery, despite being a “fire extinguisher”, is the only solution for anyone who, for some reason, has not been warned, therefore also has its value. It consists of a “surgery” in the HD that had the data lost, that is, it is a complex work and that involves great responsibilities. That is why it is important to choose carefully who will do it. It is worth mentioning: avoid using internet programs for this purpose or amateur companies / professionals. Before you begin a data recovery procedure, you need to review and diagnose the device to find out its status.


As for everything in life, prevention is better than cure. Both solutions have their value, however one presents more risks and one less, so it is up to you to decide which method you prefer to use – taking into account not only the risks, but the information unavailability time, the costs to be spent and foremost of all, the true value of your data.

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