Raising a teenager can be a complex, frustrating challenge. You want to set your child on the right path and teach him or her right from wrong. However, your best efforts may be met with resistance and rebelliousness.

Rather than react negatively and cause friction in the family, it is important that you know what parental actions speak loudest to your child. These three suggestions could provide the solutions you need to successfully and confidently parent your teenager.

Rebellious Years: What To Do About Your Problematic Teen

Set and Maintain Firm Boundaries

Teenagers are not so different from their younger counterparts in that they need and look for firm boundaries. They may not express it; however, they look to their parents to provide them with clear and reliable discipline to help them discern between right and wrong.

If your child breaks the rules that you have established for all of your children, it is important that you follow through with the prescribed and understood punishment. If you back down, your child will recognize your hesitancy to punish him or her as a sign of weakness or a cue that your rules are negotiable.

Communicate Openly, Honestly, and Often

Even if your rules are not negotiable, you should still keep the lines of communication open between you and your teenager. Your teen must know that you are approachable and that he or she can discuss anything with you.

Open communication can help head off disciplinary problems and even help you understand your teen’s viewpoint. By having regular talks with your teen, you can adjust your rules and tailor them to your child rather than to a stereotype or generalized situation.

Stay Loving

You may find it difficult to like anything your teenager says or does. Even if you find that your child has become involved in a difficult situation where they face school discipline or even legal charges, it is important that you keep loving your child. KGdefenselaw.com and similar organizations can help your child get the legal representation necessary to avoid life-constraining trouble with the law.

As Focus on the Family notes, parents of teenagers must have tough, but loving hearts. Showing your teen love even in the face of the most difficult circumstances can help your family see such difficulties through to the end.

Many parents joke about teenagers being difficult to raise. When you find that your situation is no joke, but rather a situation that leaves you feeling frustrated, it may be time for you to regroup and rethink your strategy. These tips can help you improve your parenting relationship with your rebellious teen.