Relationships are beautiful emotions that happen to each one of us in our lifetimes. Relations can be many, like our parents, siblings, cousins, kids and friends etc. Simply put, more awesome you are, more likely you are to have good relations with people even outside your family and workplace. That is indeed a great feeling.

Every now and then, it would be someone’s birthday or wedding or anniversaries. We may not be attending most of them, given the geographical distances and other commitments but should that be allowed to create a distance between individuals, too? Of course not! Staying in touch is an art that needs skilful practicing. While you may choose to sit down and write wishes for each one of them, you may end up pulling your hair. Therefore, it is a good and smart idea to find a place from where you can always pick up unique wishes whenever you wish to. WishesTrumpet is one such repository of wishes for all occasions.

Right from Happy Birthday Wishes for every relation like mother, father, husband, wife, niece, nephew, kids, friends etc. are originally written. These wishes are so beautifully worded that you will want to send it to your loved ones just then! Beautifully worded wishes have their own value. Sending in just another wish sounds mundane and you may not realise but the recipient gets to know how much effort you put in to send the wish. Therefore, it is very important to send in wishes that speak your relationship with the person. Genuinely well written wishes convey your sincerity towards the person and nothing makes them happier than knowing that you truly care.

Sending across good wishes to relatives, friends and colleagues on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries wishes help staying in touch. After all, everyone is busy in their own lives and we can’t really meet and speak to everyone on a daily basis. Remembering them on their special occasions is the best way to tell them that they are not forgotten.

A successful relationship as well as corporate relation results from the effort one makes towards it. Share beautiful wishes and spread the cheer of life!